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Christine Welsh - Designer

Don't you just LOVE handbags? I know I do and I  am TOTALLY addicted to making them! Imagine being able to make  handbags and purses that are unique to YOU and exactly the style,  colour, size and shape that YOU want them to be? ChrisW Designs range of designer bag patterns will help you to do just  that! Nobody will believe you made them yourself! 

A Little About Me 

I have a hubby, two daughters, 5 cats, 3 dogs and 6 cattle. I live in a  lovely peaceful rural area in  Northern NSW, Australia.   I've been a sewer for as long as I can remember, thanks to my  wonderful  mum who patiently answered my silly questions! Thanks  mum! :)  As a teenager, my passion was making my own clothes....later I went  on to Design collectable teddy  bears and that is when my love of  sharing my designs as patterns began and for almost 10 years I  not  only made the bears BUT made patterns so others could make them  too! That's when I  discovered the real joy of making patterns and the  satisfaction you get when someone tells you your patterns are easy to  follow and such fun to make! But as the years went by my desire to  make bears was replaced with BAGS!   I hope you enjoy making bags from my patterns as much as I have  enjoyed creating them! Have fun, and please send me an email to let  me know you were here!  Cheers,
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