Well….I am proud of myself…I did manage to get Amy’s packpack finished in time for ‘back to school’. The main bag is zippered and it has a large front zipper pocket as well which is big enough to hold a couple of exercise books – come to think of it, I wonder if exercise books are the same size the world over?….or are they like printing paper and a ‘standard’ size which is different dependant on where you are? LOLL. There’s a large front elastic pocket with button closure to keep the contents secure, two elastic side pockets and a large slip pocket inside…again, exercise books fit in nicely.

Okay….I can’t help myself….I had to measure ‘our’ exersise books and they measure 17.5 cm accross X 22.5cm high…. (approx. 6⅞ X 8⅞)


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  1. Hi Christine
    You backpack is adorable and the fabric is gorgeous. I’m sure your daughter is very proud of it.

  2. Thanks Maria….yes, she is very pleased with it! She had a lot of input on the design too….like where she wants pockets, what size the bag & pockets should be….so this bag is special to us both and hence it will be named after her! LOL!

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