How to Install regular Magnetic Snaps

Here I am going to show you how I installed a magnetic snap in my Evelyn Handbag! Of course you can install it in the same way to your choice of pattern!

a)      Taking my lining bag flap, on the right side of the flap I placed a back-plate from the magnetic snap set and using it as a template over the placement mark as per my pattern piece, I marked the two lines either side of the centre hole.

b)      Next, I ironed an interfacing square, larger than my magnetic snap, to the wrong side of the fabric over the area where I will install my magnetic snap.

c)       Using a craft knife, (or you can use a seam ripper or very sharp scissors) I cut two tiny slits through these lines. (Err on the side of two small a hole, rather than one which is too large!)

d)      From the right side I placed the prongs of the magnetic snap through the slits I just cut. The male (flat) side of the clip goes onto the flap of the bag and the female (thicker) side goes onto the front exterior.

e)      Next I cut a couple of fabric squares from fabric scraps a little larger than my magnetic snap and cut slits in the same manner as before. I pushed the little squares over the prongs, against the wrong side of your fabric. (This will help protect your fabric from the wear and tear of the snap and help keep it more securely in place.)

f)       Next, I pushed the back plate of the snap over the prongs and onto the fabric squares. Using a hammer, I bent the prongs INWARDS, hammering them flat, overlapping them in the centre of the clip.


g)      Then, I took a piece of fusible interfacing larger than the fabric squares and fused it over the top of the magnetic snap to protect the bag from rubbing and wear from the prongs.


Then I repeat these steps to install the female snap piece into my front exterior. Done! How simple is that? You can download a PDF copy of the file here!

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  1. Ah.. these are the magnetic snaps I use and this is how I put them into a bag, although sometimes I’ll just use fabric for protection instead of the interfacing and then sew it on… Yeah, I know, the stitching shows and I’d be better off getting out the iron (which I hate) and therefore have no stitching.. LOL!!! Great to see a tutorial showing how to attach these snaps correctly, with the prongs hammered INWARDS!!!

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