Here is a simple but handy little tutorial for you!

So you want to make some bias tape BUT you haven’t got a bias tape maker? Well, here is an easy way to make your own tape in a pinch!

Step 1) Cut your fabric! Bias tape is cut “on the bias” meaning diagonal to the selvedges of the fabric. First you will need to figure out how wide your fabric strips need to be. You will need your strips to be two times the width of your final tape minus 3mm (⅛”). So for example if you want a 12.75mm (½”) double fold bias tape you will need strips 22.5mm (⅞”) wide.

Step 2) Pin a needle on the ironing board, leaving a gap 12.75mm (½”) wide. Pull the fabric through the gap from right to left and it will fold itself. Occasionally you will need to adjust the folded parts to make them equal. At the same time, iron the part on the left of the needle. Repeat until you have finished the whole tape and there you go! Bias tape made without any special gadgets! WOOHOO!


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  1. OMGOSH!!!! Thank you of this tutorial. you saved my project. I am making a dress and of course I forgot the bias tape, I am dead broke and I dont have the bias tape maker thingies. I found your tutorial know i have three yard of bias tape. Im already planning to make more out of leftover fabrics.

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