Oh WOW! Here are some photos that Lotta sent me of her completed Amy backpack…..aren’t these just GORGEOUS? Thanks for sharing them with us Lotta! 🙂



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  1. No unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it filled with stuff BUT it is quite roomy and my daughter used to take it to school complete with lunch box and books however I doubt you will get a folder in there if it is A4 or Foolscap in size…… I would say if it is meant to be a school backpack it would be best suited to younger children ….although having said that my daughter was about 14 when she was using hers….but she is petite!
    Size is approx. 28cm (11”)W X 33cm (13”)H X 10cm ( 4”)D….. however because it is rounded at the top it would not fit a folder as large as the size dimensions! I do have a larger back pattern on the drawing board (you can find pics of it on my blog) more suitable to an adult but it is still a while off release.
    I hope that helps!

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