One of the HARDEST things me for me is thinking up new names for my bags/patterns…..When I made bears and bear patterns, I had the same problem! Just WHAT shall I name them? Dreaming up ideas for the bag designs is EASY…..If ONLY naming them was just as easy! LOL! I draw a blank every time! Sometimes I mull over a name for hours and days and still cannot decide on an appropriate name!

Why is it sooooo hard I wonder? Naming my kids was much easier, I think …..but then to me, my bags are like my ‘babies’….only thing is they are MUCH more quiet and don’t scream out for me in the middle of the night. (Although sometimes I wake up sooooo sure I heard one of them calling me back to the sewing room, wanting their final stitches put in place!)… why then is it so difficult? Sometimes I even offer my kids $5 to come up with a good name!

Thankfully designing is MUCH easier than naming or else I would never get any patterns made at all!

One of my favouite technique for finding a name is to use a baby naming book, flick the pages, randomly stick my pointing finger in and BINGO, the name it lands on is the name of the bag! Alas….unfortunately 9 times out of 10, I don’t like the name my finger chose so I repeat the procedure! LOL….There HAS to be a better way??

This is a sneak peak of my next bag pattern:

I’ve designed the bag and am writing the instructions BUT ohhhhhh…..just WHAT shall I name this Bag????

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