People have often emailed me, hesitant to try their first PDF pattern due to worries about printing….. Common concerns being that either their printer won’t print on the size paper required or they will have problems with scale. It really isn’t complicated or difficult though and most people will find they have no issues at all! BUT to make things easier, all of my patterns come with instructions on how to print PLUS test squares so you can double check that your pattern is printing to scale.

They come ready to print out on standard A4 paper OR you can also print on Letter or Foolscape simply by checking the “Disable shrink to fit” or similar in your printers settings. Check your printers setup or print handling prior to printing, to ensure that any available settings for “Printing to scale” or “No Scale” Or “Print Scaling: None” are checked.

You may see “Properties” Print to scale: 100%”. Check this.

You may also see a setting ” Choose paper source by PDF page size” Try checking this if you are having problems.

It’s easy really and most PDF pattern suppliers will use a standard paper size suitable for any home printer! PDF’s have a lot going for them! Not only do they cost you less BUT most PDF patterns come with WAY MORE photos to help you understand the steps and achieve results, than a normal printed pattern with just words and a few complicated diagrams! You might also like to help the planet by only printing out the pattern itself and reading the instructions off your computer screen! BUT….best of all, you can have the pattern within minutes and start working on your new bag ASAP! No more waiting….and waiting,…..and waiting for the postman! YAY! Now who can argue that that isn’t a good thing? LOLL

Another common question I am often asked is what happens when a pattern piece is larger than the standard paper size. Well……that is easily solved too. I have clear arrows and instructions on the pattern pieces to indicate where you can join them together by taping them with sticky tape. Sounds fiddly BUT it really isn’t so bad and MUCH quicker than waiting for the postman to arrive! LOL! Where possible I try to keep things easy for you by making the pattern pieces as one you can “place on the fold’ or cut out via measurements (where it is a rectangle or square)…..however of course, this isn’t always possible….but…..who cares??….you can get your pattern ready to go in minutes anyway! LOL!

YAY for modern technology!! WOOHOO!

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