Don’t you just LOVE IT when the sun is shining….it is not too hot and not too cold and you have NOTHING else that HAS to be done (OK….nothing that cannot wait! LOL) …Nobody else is home except your pets and you can just work away at your current craft project WITHOUT interruptions AND without a guilty conscious because there is NOBODY around to remind you of the PILE of other stuff you ‘should’ be doing! “Stuff”….what “Stuff”??? WHO cares about the dishes in the sink………..? Not ME!!!!!!

I am busy photographing and writing the instructions for my next bag pattern and admittedly, sometimes it isn’t easy to get things just right and I write and re-write ………….BUT when you have a gorgeous sunny day just outside your door that you can ‘pop’ out into it for a few minutes whenever you want to and just absorb those beautiful rays….well….it simply makes you feel all happy inside! The warm sun combined with that warm contented feeling you get when you sew another seam and your project is nearing completion……makes for a PERFECT day….don’t you agree??

Kenny my cat is enjoying the day too….he normally sleeps on my computer chair BUT today I caught him sleeping on my ironing board! Thanks Kenny BUT I really do NOT wish to have your help when pressing seams! He looked soooo cute though, I had to take a photo before I sent him back to the computer chair!

I hope you’re having as nice a day as ME! 🙂


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  1. Hi Chris,
    Sounds great to take a day off. I wish I had more days like that but on the other hand you enjoy them even more when you have them.
    Looking forward to your next bag. I’ve missed your patterns,
    Lotta in Sweden

  2. Thanks Lotta….hopefully I will have this pattern ready for testing soon….and yes…it does make you appreciate days like that when you don’t have them that often!

  3. Thanks Georgia! Oh and yes….he (my cat!) is quite a character….His name is Kenneth. I call him “Kenneth the Menneth”….. Rhymes with “Denice the Menace” (The movie) and he is a real ‘menace’ at times! LOLLL

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