Well…I am working HARD at my next bag pattern. It’s coming along quite nicely too, if I do say so myself! LOL! BUT…..I am not giving too much away on it….yet….only that it has lovely metal bits and cute front pockets! LOL……..Hmmmmmm

It’s getting really chilly now though, which doesn’t help to keep my motivation going at night!…..I’ve had to light the fire for the first time last night…..Hubby even cooked some spuds in it…..YUM….YUM I might add!! LOL

BUT…..I have to admit I’ve just been a little side tracked today. WOW…. there really are some gorgeous bag frames around these days and I’ve just spent HOURS drooling over the lovely bags out there made from them! So of course, I have added making a bag framed purse pattern with my own twist, to my list of to-dooos! Why not! LOLL

Happy bag making,


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  1. I just discovered your blog and I must say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I’m just beginning to get into sewing bags…as in I’ve only done one. and it was really really simple. I’ve been searching for a place that explains all the crazy things I’m instructed to do in patterns and have no idea how to do yet. And I’m excited to find someone that encourages people to sell the bags they make! There are such endless possibilities when it comes to bags, I can’t wait to read and try new things.

  2. I’m pleased you found my Blog Erica! It’s only relatively new too so I plan to add lots more info, tips and free patterns too, so do stop by regularly to check things out!
    YES…I do encourage the use of my patterns to make bags to sell. Not everyone likes to design bags BUT still LOVE to sew all the same, so why not! 🙂
    Happy bag making!!

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