At long last! My latest pattern! Olivia! Special thanks to Naomi for suggesting a name for her! I really struggle with that part and I would still be sitting, stewing over a name if it wasn’t for Naomi’s suggestion! I love it! Suits her perfectly, don’t you think?

Olivia is my most Advanced pattern to date and there is lots to learn from her construction. Don’t let that frighten you though, because the instructions are VERY comprehensive and well photographed and as long as you have some bag making experience under your belt, I am sure you will follow it though just fine! PLUS I am always just an email away if you do get stuck! Oh and just for the record, YES…I actually DO answer my emails! LOLL

Special thanks to my wonderful Pattern testers Maria Vazquez, Lotta from Sweden and Naomi who have helped me tweak the pattern and iron out any typos or other errors which are so easily missed be ME! With their help I can proudly say the Olivia Pattern has been thoroughly tested to ensure your enjoyment and trouble free construction!

Olivia PDF handbag pattern by ChrisW Designs

And here’s Olivia in another fabric!

Olivia PDF handbag pattern by ChrisW Designs


The Olivia is not only roomy and functional but with loads of pockets you will be super organized as well! There are 2 front flap pockets with magnetic catches, two elasticized pockets on the side and a zipper pocket on the back. The top of your bag closes with a recessed zipper so everything inside is nice and secure PLUS inside you will find another zipper pocket and 2 patch pockets as well!

Finished bag size = Approx. 41cm (16″) X 25cm (10″) X 10cm ( 4″)

Rated advanced – for experienced bag makers! Having said that, there ARE lots of photos to help you and it is more time consuming than it is difficult! 🙂

Ah…..what the heck, I won’t repeat everything here……Please just visit her in my shop to find out more! 🙂


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  1. Having just tested “Olivia” out for Christine, I can vouch for her patterns, they are very well written, and pics, you get plenty to see what where and how to complete the bag….can’t wait to see what she comes up with next….Congratulations Chris (Can I call you that now? It’s alot shorter to type and my fingers seem to want to stop when I get to the S anyway!) another great pattern. Hugs Naomi the namer!

  2. LOLLL….thanks Naomi, pattern namer (and proof reader!) extraordinaire! (Did I spell that right??) LOL….and yes….you can call me ‘Chris’….lots of people do and that is why I used it in my business name….I thought “ChristineW Designs” was a bit toooo long and a mouthful! LOLLL

  3. I have some of Christine’s patterns. She is wonderful to do business with. She goes over and beyond to help you. These patterns have more detail than any patterns or tutorials I have ever seen! They are full of pictures which I need. I spent the day reading through all of them. You will not be sorry if you decide to order from her. Great experience!

  4. I fell in love with this design of bag the second I saw it. I’ve been on a huge bag search recently and then I found this *happy dance* Best of all it’s a pattern! So I purchased it asap haha.
    I was very impressed with the speed in which I received the pattern (I got mine within the first 10mins of my order) and I’m very happy with the pattern and in-depth instructions I got.
    I haven’t tried it out yet as I’ve only bought the pattern today. I’m not very advanced in my sewing either so it might be a little while before I actually get to try this out (I have many sewing practice projects I’d like to try first to get my skills up before trying something like this!)
    I’ll be sure to take photos of my finished Olivia Bag once it’s done, and will definitely write a post about it on my blog and link back to you!
    Thanks Christine!

  5. Thank you for your comments Lisa and I look forward to seeing your Olivia when you do get to make her! Please let me know when you have posted on your blog so I can take a peek! 🙂

  6. I bought this pattern but have run into a problem. On page 14 regarding the pockets B exterior and interior, how do you put the pockets together? Example “B” doesn’t explain. Please assist.

  7. Hi Jessie,
    If you look at the instructions to page 15, you will see how to put the two pieces together….Page 14 is just not quite at this stage yet! Please email me at if you are still unsure on how to do this but I think all the problem is, is that you are thinking the two pieces are together for step C when in fact they are not? Let me know if I am not making any sense or if you are still stuck! Best wishes and I hope you will let me know how you go regardless! 🙂

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