Ahhh the dreaded Interfacing/stabiliser topic again! LOL One of the most common queries I receive from fellow bag makers purchasing my patterns, is which interfacings/stabilisers can I suggest as an alternative to the ones I have used in my patterns. Mostly because the ones I have used are not available to them or where I am not specific enough as to which ones are suitable. (Like when I say “Medium weight interfacing”)

So I have put together a guide of alternative products which I hope you will find helpful!

Note while NOT identical products, the weight and hand of these products are similar to those I use so you should achieve results similar to that which would be achieved using the products I have used! 🙂

You can download this handy PDF guide by clicking here!

PLUS I now have a video in which I share my favourite Interfacings and Stabilisers:


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  1. Thank you for sharing this! I also experience problems regarding bag-making which I really want to use for my DIY bag tutorials for my blog. This will really be helpful!

  2. Yes there are so many products out there in this BIG wide world …..with many different names BUT many are very similar it is easy to substitute if you have an idea what you are looking for! LOL

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