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Grommets are SUPER FUN once you know how to install them! They are especially effective in bags! Use them for hook straps, like in my Bella II Bag:

Bella II by ChrisW Designs

Or use them to attach the straps like in my Epiphany Bag:


Or use them just for decoration!  Grommets come in all sorts of sizes and also plastic as well as metal. You can even get coloured ones too!  The main thing to bear in mind is that each grommet size needs it’s own special size tool. Sometimes you can even find starter sets that include the tools. I had a set like that BUT found the tools had a limited life so I invested in a better quality tool set because I know I will be setting lots of grommets. If you plan only on setting a few, they will most likely do the job for you!

OK…. Let’s set some Grommets!

What you need:

  • Grommets in your chosen size:

Grommet tutorial by chrisw designs

  • Grommet Setting Tools. Note yours may look a little different and perhaps more shiny and fancy than these but it is likely to be something similar! Sized to suit your grommets:

grommet setting tools - ChrisW Designs

  • Hammer

1) It is worth noting here that you may need to add some reinforcement materials if you are using quilting cottons or other lightweight fabrics with only a little interfacing. Add this between your outer fabric and your lining. This could be some canvas scraps, denim or other heavy fabric scraps or some extra interfacing.

2) Mark the placement of your Grommets and punch a hole with your hole punch:

How to set Grommets by ChrisW Designs

You can use a pair of scissors to CAREFULLY cut a hole if you don’t have a hole punch or if your hole punch tends not to cut right through (Like mine! LOL) Just remember it is better to err on the side of small rather than too large otherwise your fabric might pull out in places and show the raw edges. I actually raided my hubby’s tool box for a smaller hole punch as I found the one supplied with my setter was a little too large!

You can use the washer as a template for marking the hole placement!

3) Next place your grommet onto the anvil. The grommet is the ring with the raised centre piece! TIP:I like to add a little Gutermann glue or other craft glue, to my grommets, just to make sure they stay put! But only a smidgen, you don’ want glue oozing out all over your fabric!

Anvil - tutorl by ChrisW Designs

4) Now place your hole, RIGHT SIDE DOWN, over the top of the grommet. Hopefully it is a snug fit! TIP: If you are using a fabric that frays a lot, you might like to apply a little fray stopper around the edges of the hole although if you have added glue to your grommet, you may not need it.

Grommet setting by ChrisW Designs

5) Next place the washer (The flat metal ring!) over the top of the grommet:

Grommet Tutorial by ChrisW Designs

6) Now place your setter onto the grommet & washer and give it a good few whacks with your hammer! Whack down firmly onto the setter, making sure you are holding it straight upright and not at an angle!  The aim here is to evenly flatten the grommet down over the washer so it grips the washer and can’t pull back out. Check as you go to make sure it is nice and flat and firmly set. If not, re-set the grommet back into the anvil and your setter back on top and whack again!

It helps to make sure you have a nice firm work area. A wiggly table is not a good idea! I have an old cutting mat which I use exclusively for rivet and grommet setting and I have that on top of a solid wooden bench so that the whole thing is nice and firm and sturdy. It takes a bit of practice to get to know the right amount of ‘whack’ to give your grommets and of course, the bigger they are, the more ‘whack’ they need!

Grommets by ChrisW Designs

Great! That’s all there is to it! Have FUN!

Finished Grommet setting by ChrisW Designs

You can download a PDF copy of my Grommet Tutorial HERE!


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  1. Hi Janelle,
    I usually find mine on Etsy although yes…it is sometimes hard to find good quality ones that stay in place!
    One complaint I have is that the hole punch for the larger (17mm) grommets I bought is too blunt! I got a better (Sharper one) from a local tool shop! The setting tools are good though. I hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Thanks for your tutorial: this one contains those little details that will make the difference, next time I add some in my projects!

  3. Thanks so much!!Am making a tote bag and am thinking of adding a 5/8″ or 3/4″ leather strap to it. The strap you used is 1/2″ or more than that??
    Thanks once again,

  4. Actually….I got it wrong! the grommet in the top bag (Bella) is 10mm …the grommets I am setting in the photos, Matilda, are 19mm (¾”)! The straps going through the grommets are 16mm wide (3/8″) Hope this helps!

  5. I have to install a 1 9/16th for a purse. Not sure how to do such a big one without a tool. Thank you for your answer.

  6. Hi Carolyn,
    Some of the larger Grommets snap together or have prongs which you bend much the same as a magnetic snap, so you don’t need any special tools to insert them. If you haven’t bought yours already, it may pay to look out for some like that!

  7. Thank you for the post. I have a question. When I hammered the Grommet onto some practice material NOTHING happened. It looks like the setter is too big possibly. I bought the grommets and the tools seperately but the size matches. Any thoughts?

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