BAG STRAPS….What would we do without them? Coming in all sorts of types, shapes and sizes, they are not only necessary and functional BUT they can be beautiful and really add that finishing touch to your bag!

As there are numerous different types of straps, I thought it would be FUN to do a series on them! So…..I thought I would start the series with a strap that is one of the most basic and easiest to make! A closed end strap!

Closed end straps are very strong and super easy to make! They are used when you want to attach your straps to trigger hooks or rings or directly onto the exterior of your bag. They are also used to make adjustable straps.

All that you need is fabric in your chosen length PLUS 2X your chosen seam allowance. I have used 6mm (¼”) in my tutorial but you can use whatever seam allowance you prefer to work with!

To work out how wide you need to cut your fabric, work out how wide your finished strap needs to be and then then multiply it by 4. For example, if you need 2cm (¾”) wide straps, cut your fabric 8cm (3⅛”) wide.

You might also like to add interfacing. Recommended for wider straps carrying a lot of weight and to help prevent your straps from stretching. Woven is usually the best choice for strength and duarability.

You might also like to add some fusible fleece for padded comfort!

Your interfacing is cut the same size as your strap and your fleece is cut at half the width of your finished strap and less your seam allowances for the length. If your finished strap is 5cm wide cut your fleece 2.5cm wide.

Strap series part 1 by ChrisW Designs

How to make a Closed End Strap

So just how do you make them? Download your PDF copy of my step by step Tutorial on Closed End Straps HERE:

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