It’s been a BUSY few days….RUSHING about, getting NOWHERE fast… you have those days too? Days where you seem to be going ‘flat out’ doing this, that and the other BUT not really achieving anything you set out to achieve?…….well….that is how the last couple of days have felt to ME! BUT……this evening I have managed to CHANGE that and have added my latest bag pattern, the Matilda Dance Tote, to my website and Etsy store!

ChrisW Designs Matilda Dance Tote and Faux Leather Handbag!

TWO sizes PLUS instructions for a Faux Leather Handbag!

I would like to thank my fabulous pattern testers, Maria, Kathy and Steph for testing the pattern for me and of course, Naomi for naming the bag!

With fab pockets to keep your stuff organised, it is still easy to make and rated Basic:
Ratings BASIC
Here is a shot of the interior:

Matilda - a ChrisW Designs sewing pattern!

Matilda’s Interior

The Faux Leather handbag is a little more difficult, rated at Intermediate:
This is mainly due to sewing with Faux Leather and the grommets! If the Faux Leather is not your ‘cup of tea’, I think this bag would look great in Denim or canvas too! As for the Grommets…well they may ‘seem’ scary BUT they need not be! With the right tools and a little know how, you will find they are a GREAT way to add a professional look to your bags too! Make sure you check out my Grommet Tutorial if you need help!

Maria has kindly allowed me to share pics of her version of the Matilda Faux Leather Handbag…..I am sure you will agree that her bag looks very professionally done indeed!

Matilda Faux Leather Handbag made by Maria - ChrisW Designs

Maria’s Faux Leather Handbag
Matilda Faux Leather Handbag - made by Maria - ChrisW Designs

What gorgeous Topstitching!
Matilda Faux Leather Handbag crafted by Maria - A chrisW Designs PDF Pattern

How Neat!

Thanks for sharing, Maria! If you would like to see more of Maria’s creations, do stop by

her Blog here:

Happy Sewing!

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  1. It’s a gorgeous bag but where do you find such a brilliant sized grommets. I think the bag has a lot more uses than just for dance classes. A brilliant design.

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