Well….I know it has been a while since I posted…and what is more, I don’t even have any good excuses….Time escapes me….no matter how fast I chase after it, it always disappears on me before I can GRAB some of it!!

…..BUT today I just HAD to post and share with you! A while back I received an email from a lovely lady named Lorraine Slavkovsky from Richmond Heights, OH …..asking me if I mind if she used my Coco & Bella patterns for her entry into the 2012 Hoffman Challenge (Click on the link to find out more about it!).

Of course I said YES! Here is a photo she sent me of her version of Coco:

Lorraine Slavkovsky's version of Coco by ChrisW Designs

Coco by Lorraine Slavkovsky

Lorraine embroidered all over the rose with Sulky metallic threads so Coco could be entered in the Sulky Section of the Challenge:

Coco's flower- embroidered by Lorraine Slavkovsky - Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Coco’s Embroidered Flower

But WAIT….there is MORE! She also sent me a pic of her version of Bella:

Bella by Lorraine Slavkovsky - Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Bella by Lorraine Slavkovsky

Its called “Dragonflies in my Garden”….perfect name, don’t you think?

BUT WAIT….there is still MORE……the next thing is she sent me an email to tell me she WON the 2012 Accessories – Curator´s Choice award! WAY TO GO LORRAINE!!!

BUT….do you know what? I am NOT at all surprised! Her version of Bella is absolutely GORGEOUS….dont you think?? Take a look at the Hoffman website and see the professional shot of her Bella……STUNNING I must say!

BUT WAIT…there is still MORE…You may even be lucky enough to get to SEE Bella & Coco as they will be TRAVELLING in the Accessories Trunk! Each year, the top entries are grouped into traveling collections and visit quilt shows, seminars, quilt shops and quilt and doll-makers guilds throughout the US and in Canada too. You can find out more about that by clicking here! I wonder if I can convince Hubby to travel with ME to SEE them too?? Hmmmmm….given that we are in Australia, somehow I doubt it! BOO HOOO….

Congratulations Lorraine….for a job well done and for WINNING the Curators Choice! Yours would be MY choice as well! 🙂 Thanks for sharing with us…..


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  1. Nice to see you posting Christine and congratulations to Lorraine on her beautiful bags. Coco looks great with that wonderful embroidered flower on it and I love the colours and fabric used for Bella.

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