Today I just had to share with you some photos of some gorgeous Evelyn’s made by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs….. Natasha chose some fabric from the Joel Dewberry Heirloom Collection…..Just take a look at this GORGEOUS Evelyn:

Evelyn by Natasha of CabCoDesigns - a ChrisW Designs Pattern

Evelyn in Joel Dewberry fabric!

and here is the back of Evelyn:

Evelyn - A ChrisW Designs pattern crafted by Natasha of Cab Co. Designs

The back of Evelyn

and another from the Joel Dewberry Collection:

Evelyn - a ChrisW Designs pattern crafted by CAB Co. Designs

Another Evelyn by Natasha of CAB Co. Designs

and this one she custom made for one of her customers from gorgeous paisley fabric from the Hobby Lobby:

Custom made Evelyn by Natasha of COB Co. Designs - A ChrisW Designs Pattern!

Custom made Evelyn by Natasha

YES….Natasha DOES custom make so if you would like your own Evelyn BUT don’t have the time to make one yourself, why not pop by Natasha’s Etsy store and check out some more of her work….I am sure she would be quite happy to make you an Evelyn too! 🙂

Oh and she has a Facebook page here as well!

Thinking of making your own Evelyn? Why not check out Natasha’s Evelyn REVIEW that she has written on her Blog!


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