UPDATE: I have heard on the grape vine that a few people living in cold, snowy countries have had issues with the ink re-appearing when their bags get really cold, for example left in a cold car etc… Apparently the ink is temperature sensitive so disappears with heat BUT can reappear in cold temperatures. Being in Australia, I haven’t had that issue as it never really gets that cold here (Although it feels COLD to ME! LOLLL) BUT I thought I should mention it, just in case, as I know a lot of you ARE from cold countries! If this may be an issue for you, try and make sure you keep marks on the wrong side of the fabric (Making sure it doesn’t shine through to the right side) or within seam allowances where possible….

If YOU have encountered this problem, PLEASE let us know about it in the comments section below so we can keep each other informed! 🙂


Don’t you just love it when you discover a fab new tool? I know I do! For years now I have been using fading markers or chalk to make my marks on fabric……both not without their drawbacks I might add! I can’t tell you how many times the tip of my fading marker gets distorted! (Maybe I shouldn’t press so hard? LOLL) ….or I get distracted and the marks fade before I get to make use of them……or the darn markers ink dries up in the sun….OK…it would help if I didn’t leave the marker laying where the sun can get it BUT…..I have a lovely great big sliding glass door and my cutting/work table sits right next to it and well….yes….the sun does shine in on it at times! BUT oh how I LOVE those warm rays in the winter time! As for chalk….oh just don’t get me started on chalk! LOL…..Enough rambling…….back to my discovery!

A couple of months ago I was reading another blog (OK….so maybe I wasn’t the first one to make this discovery! LOL) and they were raving about this fabulous pen! The Frixion Pen by Pilot……Now I can’t even remember anymore whose blog I was reading…..{Sorry about that! :0}….BUT I thought I would have a look locally for these pens. Nine times out of ten I can’t get things I see on the internet locally so I wasn’t really expecting to FIND them BUT…..I did! Hanging in my supermarket biro section….there they were!!! AND not even expensive either! About half the price I pay of those darn fading fabric markers!

Fixion Pens for Marking Fabric

Frixion Pens

So I bought three of them to try and well….what do you know….these pens are actually really GREAT fabric markers! I have put them to the test for about 3 months now…..and I haven’t touched my fading marker since…. actually I don’t even know where it is! They are so easy to use too! You write or make your mark with them just like a normal pen and the ink stays PUT until you RUB it (Hence the name FRIXION – FRICTION!) …you can use the end, just like a rubber on a lead pencil, only it doesn’t wear away or break:

Frixion Pen for marking Fabric - The Eraser


OR…if at times the mark is a bit stubborn, you just hit it with the iron and PRESTO…the mark is GONE! I haven’t had ANY problems at all using them….Well at first I ‘thought’ I did when some of the marks got stubborn BUT the iron takes care of that!…..They haven’t even dried up on me when I’ve left them in the sun! The tips are still perfect too!

As with ANYTHING you put on fabric….please DO test on some of your scraps first for each project…….you just never know….not all fabrics are created equal!! PLUS I don’t want to have you throwing the pens at me should they accidentally ruin your favourite irreplaceable fabric! OH what a HORRIBLE thought! (BOTH the ruined fabric AND the flying pens!)

Oh and just in case you are wondering….no I am NOT affiliated with Pilot! LOLL


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  1. These sound great Christine. I must go and look in the shops here and see if I can find any. I bought some fading marker pens when I was in Spain but only have one left now.

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