Did you see the gorgeous fabric from Fabric Garden in my last post? Well now I am going to share with you what I have in store for that fabric! 🙂 Just a short little while ago a most welcome email popped into my inbox…..It was from Catherine, the editor of Homespun Magazine! Now here is the EXCITING bit………she had stumbled across my blog, liked my designs AND sooooo….she has invited ME to make a bag pattern for publication in the magazine WOOHOO! A ChrisW Designs pattern in a MAGAZINE! YAY!

Now as anyone reading this who has had something published in a magazine before knows…..it is a GREAT feeling to think that someone likes your work enough to include you in their publication! YOU walk around with your head stuck up in the clouds for DAYS before you sink back down to earth! LOLLLL THEN you float right back up there again when the magazine actually comes out and you see your creation in PRINT!

Yes….I’ve been lucky enough to experience this once before…..Back in my bear making days I had one of my “Nioka Bears” bear patterns published in the Australian Bear Creations magazine! My little bear was even on the cover! WOOT! Want to take a peek? Here it is:


My Bear on the Cover of Australian Bear Creations

Mine is the little one on the right under the word “Creations”! His name is Butternut! 🙂 That was wayyy back in 2007 BUT I haven’t forgotten the feeling!

I closed my Nioka Bears website some time ago BUT after numerous requests for my bear patterns, I recently re-established my Etsy Store that I had setup for Nioka Bears BUT failed to ever get around to using! LOLLLL Yes….I still have the pattern available for Butternut, should you not be able to get your hands on a copy of the mag! You can find it in my Nioka Bears Etsy Store!

Anyway….back to Homespun and my BAG PATTERN! YAY! The pattern will be for a handbag and will be released in the June 2013 issue…..Now here’s a little hint…..If you LOVE the fabrics chosen for the project and LOVE to recreate projects as they are seen in the magazines….. due to the long lead time before the project goes to print….there will no doubt be limited amounts of this fabric to be had by then…. because as you probably already are aware, fabric designs change like the CLOUDS!!! GRAB yourself some and add it to your stash now so you don’t miss out! 🙂

Dena Designs Fabric purchased from Fabric Garden

My Fabric for the Magazine Project!

OK….so NOW the Fabric is chosen….it is off to the drawing board to come up with a GREAT new design for it! 🙂

Oh….OK….before I actually DO that, I have to clear the decks and finish off the current pattern I am working on….it is also a handbag…..An advanced pattern a little different to boot! I hope you are ready for a challenge real SOON?

Happy Bag Making!

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  1. Congratulations again on the design for the magazine. I don’t think I can wait till June to see it.
    I love Butternut. He’s so cute. You obviously have a talent for making bears as well as bags.

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