While rummaging around in one of my cupboards which I rarely get to rummage in because I have to stand on a ladder….I came across a box of goodies I have kept since my childhood and haven’t even looked in for at least the last decade!

Ahhhh the memories!!! How funny it is to look at these things again that I once held so dear to me! Tattered bits of faded paper with stories I composed as a child and toys that have long lost their glory! Nevertheless I would NEVER dream of parting with any of these treasures! NOT for a million dollars! LOLL (Well…maybe? LOLL)

Deep within the depths of the box I came across this:


My Little Red Bag!

I remember the day I got this little red bag….. oh so well! I was 8 and we were on holidays in Germany visiting relatives. My uncle had driven us into the city to do some shopping. While wandering the streets we came upon a little toy shop and outside on the front path there was a table full of BAGS, just like the one in the photo, (except minus the stickers which I added later! LOL)….plus some were white with red straps and trim!

They caught my eyes and despite the fact I was taken inside to check out all the wonderful dolls and other goodies ALL I could think about were the little shiny BAGS! LOLLL…I remember as we walked off……I chucked a WALLY because I WANTED one of those bags SOOOOO much! Even I couldn’t decide in my mind wether I wanted the red with white trim or the white with red trim….BUT…it didn’t matter…because we were LEAVING without ANY!

I can’t remember anymore the performance I must have given BUT given that I DO recall a while down the track, my uncle disapeared for a few minutes…THEN….low and behold, he returned with…can you guess? The little red BAG!….I can only imagine it must have been one WHALE of a performance! LOLLL

I was absolutely OVER the MOON and carried that little red bag everywhere we went for the rest of the holiday!

My memory escapes me as to what I actually carried INSIDE the bag….maybe even NOTHING….or maybe a little doll! Who knows! BUT……the memory of the THRILL of receiving that bag still lives with me TODAY! Thank you Uncle Rudi!!!

That was the very first ‘bought’ bag I ever owned! Can you remember yours? Where were you and whom gave it to you or did you buy it yourself?? That day was just the start of a life long addiction for ME! LOLLLLL How about YOU?

Further delving into my box of treasures unearthed my first attempt at MAKING a bag:

First Bag!

My First Handmade Bag!

LOLLL….Look, I even added a zipper!

My First bag has a Zipper!

My first handmade bag complete with ZIPPER!

Do you still have the first bag you ever made??

Please DO share your comments in the space below as I would LOVE to hear all about YOUR first bag, bought or made….or both! 🙂


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  1. Love the little red bag and the crochet one is adorable. You started young. I made my first one about 4 years ago, went out shopping with it, someone took a fancy to it and bought it from me. LOLLL

  2. LOLLL I bet they did! Your bags are always to die for!!…Yes I guess I did start young! I found a little pouch in that box too……I must have made it very early in my sewing career…the zipper was so WONKY I didn’t really want to share a pic of it! LOLLLLL

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