Ohhhh I really love it when people make bags from my patterns and sell them in their shops or at craft markets etc! I really don’t understand why it is that some people put restrictions on the use of their patterns and don’t allow people to sell items made from their patterns. I personally think it is GREAT! WOW! Someone likes MY patterns enough to put THEIR energy into making them up to offer to OTHER people to enjoy! What a FABULOUS way to share something!

Almost everyone LOVES bags….Not everyone likes to sew and while many people like to sew, not everyone likes to design! Surely it is WIN WIN when you bring a designer AND a sewer together to create something unique and beautiful for the world to enjoy? Both the designer and sewer bring a little of themselves into the finished bags……Everytime another sewer recreates the bag using THEIR vision of how it should look when completed, you end up with something totally UNIQUE! Something you just cannot find in a mass produced item……the hundreds upon hundreds of identical bags roaming around the streets! I don’t know about YOU but to ME that is BORING!

Speaking of BORING….I just have to share with you some Evelyn bags created by Theresa of Tess World Designs that are about as farrrrrr from boring as you could possible get! These bags SCREAM EXCITMENT and are so visually grabbing that you are sure to stand out in the crowd of bags out there! LOL

Take a look at this Evelyn:

Evelyn by Tess World Designs - a ChrisW Designs PDF Sewing Pattern!

Evelyn by Tess World Designs

and this one:

Evelyn by Tess World Designs - A ChrisW Designs PDF Bag Sewing Pattern

Another Evelyn by Tess World Designs

and here is another one:

tess World Designs recreates the Evelyn Bag Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Yet Another Evelyn by Tess World Designs

WOW! These Evelyn’s are certainly works of art and really well made too! You can see the care and attention to detail Theresa has put into each and every one! Do check out Theresa’s Etsy shop, Tess World Designs, where you can find more ready made Evelyn’s as well as other gorgeous creations for you to admire and add to your collection! 🙂

Happy shopping! 🙂

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