Now I don’t know about you BUT I am all for recycling, repurposing and upcycling… it what you like….if something NEW can be made from something OLD….it has to be a good thing! Right? Good for the planet AND good for the hip pocket too…PLUS…..when you see Lorraine’s Bella, you realise it can save you LOADS of time too!

I have BAGS of old clothes that I have STASHED away….all with the intentions of making something ‘new’ from them one of these days…..somehow though…….I just don’t seem to find the time or the inspiration to get on with it! BUT…..I have to say, after Lorraine (Remember Lorraine’s gorgeous Hoffman Challenge Bag?) showed me pics of HER satin cargo pants turned Bella….I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY! I just HAVE to share them with YOU! WOW….take a look at what she has come up with:

Bella by Lorraine - A ChrisW Designs bag pattern

Lorraine’s Bella

and here’s her backside (The bags, not Lorraine’s! LOL):

Back View of Lorraine's Bella - A ChrisW Designs PDF handbag pattern

Back View of Lorraine’s Bella

…and what a fab use of a pocket for a pocket! You just gotta love the time saving factor of this! LOL:

Bella's Pocket - A ChrisW Designs purse pattern

Don’t toss the pockets!

Imagine not having to fiddle around with sewing a zipper and still get results like this:

Zipper Pocket on Bella - A ChrisW Designs sewing pattern

Super fast zipper results! Gotta LOVE that!

How many cargo pants have YOU got that you no longer wear that you could repurpose like this? Even if you do’t have any at all, a quick trip to the thrift shop and Bob is your uncle! LOLLL (Hmmmm….how many of you are familiar with that old saying?? Come to think of it, what a silly saying it is….it doesn’t really even make sense! LOLLL)

So there you have it! No more excuses for not knowing what to do with those old cargo pants! 🙂 Oh and don’t forget to share your creations with us in our flickr pool!

Don’t have the time to sew yourself? Lorraine has an Etsy shop where her creations pop up from time to time so perhaps you might like to keep an eye on it! 🙂

Happy sewing! 🙂

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  1. WOW!!!!!!! Lorraine did a fabulous job. I have loads of pants that belonged to hubby and the kids and have been inspired by this bag. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, Lorraine has done a GREAT job and is such an inspiration…..gets the ol’ cogs turning! LOLLL……as soon as I find some spare time I am going to have a crack at repurposing some of my pants too……might even design something and put together a little tutorial for the blog!

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