People often ask me WHY it takes me so long to release a pattern….well….I know some people can churn them out every few weeks BUT that isn’t how I work…..I like to make sure I have something that is the best I can make it soooooo…..I make them and test them (which means I USE them) and change them and remake them until I have something I would actually WANT and am HAPPY to use…

THEN I make the bag again, writing the instructions and photographing the steps… THEN I make the bag up yet AGAIN following my instructions, tweaking the instructions….THEN off it goes to my wonderful pattern testers and THEN I correct the pattern yet again because no matter how hard I try there is SOMETHING these ladies pick up on that I have missed!

Finally….for all future pattern releases …..the pattern will go off to my wonderful proof reader Rochelle. If you need a proof reader, I highly recommend Rochelle. You can visit her website here! She is currently busy proof reading ALL my previously released patterns for me so that once I have the time I will be updating them all! (So watch for that announcement, if you’ve bought an older version and request an updated one, I shall send it to out to you for no extra charge!)….

I want ALL my patterns to be as perfect as I can get them! Mind you….I had ‘thought’ they were pretty good already BUT….Rochelle has still managed to find plenty of things to tweak and improve upon! What an eye for details! It just goes to show you there is always room for improvements, even in MY patterns! LOLLLL

FINALLY the granny flat extension for my parents has been completed and they have moved in! I have relocated into my new studio….things are still a bit of a shambles in here because it has to be both my studio AND our bedroom for a while because the renovations of our existing house continue……ARRGGGHHH sometimes I wonder if we will ever get to the other end! LOLLL….

BUT….the good thing is that I have started sewing again! YAAAYYY! The bag I am working on at the moment has optional piping details:

Piped bag by ChrisW Designs

Piped bag – Pattern Coming Soon!

Lots of pockets, as usual! LOL Including a nice big one under the flap!

ChrisW Designs piped bag under the flap

Big Pocket under the flap!

The option of a shaped flap:

Bag with shaped flap - a ChrisW designs bag pdf pattern

Make it with a shaped flap!

OR the option not to pipe it all which means you then have a super quick and easy weekend (or day) project!

Oh and it also has an adjustable strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or across the body as well! Not sure about piping? Read my tutorial on how to make your own piping here!

PDF Pattern to be released in the not toooo distant future……… 🙂

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  1. It’s beautiful!! The flap makes it very special. Is very interesting on knowing all the work that goes into making your patterns. The fact that you use the bag a bit before releasing is a great idea. I recently won a gift certificate from Sew Can Do for your patterns and bought the Olivia and Abigail (it was my birthday and I won!!). Haven’t used them yet but I know I’ll learn a lot and have fun with them. Keep the good work! 😉 If you have time check my blog.

  2. That bag is beautiful. Shock, horror. If you have a proof reader does that mean we testers have been made redundant. LOLLLLL

  3. Love it! And already thinking in
    terms of “recycling” projects. And
    piping–I LOVE piping! Can’t wait
    to play with this pattern!

  4. Love your patterns and just can’t wait for this one. Hurry need a new bag for spring and this will be just right. Any date yet for the release?

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