I have to admit one of the things I REALLY enjoy most about making patterns is when people email me to show me what they have made with one of my patterns…I get a kick out of that EVERYTIME! Just the other day Daryl from Patchouli Moon Studio emailed me to let me know she made my Savannah bag and posted about it on her Blog. I think she has done an AWSOME job….take a look:

Daryl's Savannah - a ChrisW Designs PDF Sewing Bag Pattern

Daryl’s Savannah Bag!
A ChrisW Designs Bag sewing pattern made by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio

Front Pockets!
Savannah Bag Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Inside Pockets!

You can see more pics and read what she has to say about the pattern by visiting her blog here!

But do you know what is even MORE fun? When I get an email from someone to say not only have they made a bag from my pattern BUT also customised it to suit themselves! Isn’t that one of the best things about making your own bags?? making them up just the way you want them! How many times have you bought a bag and found out the pocket configuration is not right or the bag is too stiff or too floppy or too big or too small for your needs? You can’t go back to the shop and ask them to change this or that BUT….if you make your own bags, YOU can make them EXACTLY as YOU like them! What FUN! I always suggest and encourage people to make my bag patterns up as the pattern instructs FIRST and THEN go back and make the changes you need to to end up with the PERFECT bag for YOU!

My patterns are merely meant to be a STARTING point for your creativity……please never be afraid to have a go at making changes….you will learn a LOT more about making bags AND have a great time as well! (That’s my words of wisdom for today! LOL)

Well…..Daryl has done just that! She reduced the size of the Savannah bag and put in less pockets….Plus a number of other ajustments….so now she has the PERFECT bag for HER! (and her daughter too! LOL). Take a look:

Small Savannah bag - a ChrisW Designs bag sewing pattern - Bag made by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio

Daryl’s Smaller version of Savannah!
Small Savannah by Daryl of patchouli Moon Studio - A ChrisW Designs bag sewing pattern!

The interior of the new smaller version!

Hasn’t she done an amazing job? You can read more about it by visiting her blog!

What is YOUR favourite customisation technique? Perhaps you like more or less pockets, quilting your bag or embroidering a nice design on the flap…..or perhaps you like really floppy or stiff bags?? I hope you will share your favourite things in the comments section below! 🙂


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  1. Thanks Christine for showing the 2 bags I made from your Savannah pattern. Since my daughter wants me to make her a smaller version too, I will be making another one for her in colors she chooses.

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