**** UPDATE! Thank you to EVERYONE who has offered to test the patterns for me! Wow! I am certainly overwhelmed by the response I have received! ALL testing ‘positions’ have now been filled and I thank you for your interest! If you have missed out, please DO join my newsletter and grab a discount on the pattern once it has been released! Also watch for a giveaway or two on the testers blog/s! 🙂 Thank you again!******


As usual I never seem to make life easy for myself! My latest design is no exception…. I thought it was time for a bag that is quick and easy for those of you that aren’t into challenges, like Abigail …..and sure enough….my latest design IS a quick and easy messenger style bag BUT…..I have decided include the option of THREE different versions….which….while even the piped versions are pretty easy for YOU…..it means a LOT of extra work for ME! LOLLL!

There is the Plain version with no piping:

ChrisW Designs PDF bag pattern for Piped messenger bag

Plain version without Piping!

While quick and easy, it still has loads of features such as a large slip pocket and a phone pocket under the flap, inside slip pockets, pen pocket and zipper pocket so you still end up with a great functional and stylish bag!

The Standard Flap version with Piping to add that little extra special touch:

piped Bag Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Piped version with Standard Flap

And the Shaped Flap Version with Piping for something a little bit different:

Messenger bag pattern with piping by ChrisW Designs

Piped Version with Shaped Flap!

Oh and here’s a peek under the flap:

ChrisW Designs Piped messenger bag with Shaped Flap

Under The Flap!

Anyway…..it also means I need to have all THREE versions tested……so now I am calling out for pattern testers! Would YOU like to test this pattern for me? My simple requirements are:

*I need at least two to three people to test EACH version…….first in, first served……

*I will be sending the PDF pattern out towards the end of the week (hopefully this week! LOLLL) and you will have all weekend to finish your bag…..Please do NOT apply to be a pattern tester if you are not able to complete in the required time frame! :0

*Then I would be ever so pleased if you would send me your feedback (Good AND Bad….mistakes found, any difficulties you might have etc) plus some good quality pics of your bag so I can share them here! 🙂

If you are interested, please email me, telling me WHICH version you are interested in testing! 🙂

Many thanks in advance! 🙂


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  1. I wish I could Chris but have fallen behind a little since getting sick a couple weeks ago. I will definitely be ready for the next time you need testers though 🙂 I will say that I do love your bag and will be getting the pattern for sure!!

  2. Chris-
    I would love to do these 3…just used my 40% coupon at JoAnn fabric and bought hardware that looks like this.
    I have no where to go till an egg hunt Sunday…and I do not want to clean any more house…vacuum, yes…dust can be a protective layer for wood a while longer…
    You need all 3 finished by Sunday MY time St.Charles,MO USA) or YOUR time?
    You’re 15.5 hours ahead of me, correct?
    Si I will get Thursday MY time, photos and comments by Saturday YOUR time?
    I’m picking fabric now…Simone/Kathy

  3. Good Morning. I would love to try your newest pattern. I’m not the advanced sewer as you may like to have though. But I do have your Bella and Evelyn, and I LOVED those. I also have your Abigail, but haven’t done that one yet. I admit, I feel alittle bit intimidated by her. 🙂 But I’ve done many messenger styles, so I think I could handle this one. I’m willing to step up to the plate if you need me.
    Thanks Christine!

  4. Me, Me, Me I would LOVE to make this bag. I have done several of your bags and love them. Last fall I make 6 of your kiss clutches and they turned out GREAT! Please pick ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOW …How did I miss your call for testers ?? I would of loved to test the one with the shaped flap…darn…thats what I get for sewing yesterday instead of reading emails..LOL
    Maybe next time ? 🙁

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