Like always….I really enjoy it when people share photos of their creations with me. It’s especially so much FUN to see the fabrics people choose! I find that the hardest part of making my own bags…. It’s easy to know what pockets I like or visualise a shape and design….BUT…..Trying to visualise exactly what a particular fabric and fabric combo will look like when no longer flat BUT transformed into something three dimensional, useful and (hopefully) beautiful? Well….sometimes admittedly I find that a little daunting! Sometimes what I visualise just doesn’t quite match the reality! LOLLL

How do you go at choosing fabric? Is it something you LOVE to do? Maybe it’s your favourite step? Or maybe you are like ME and spend hours in the store trying to find just the ‘right’ fabric….only to give up and go home and dig though your stash instead….mind you……never without a pile of MORE fabric to add to your stash….just not quite for the project you have in mind! LOLLL

Today I would like to share with you the work of Kathy from The Crazy Needle. Kathy has an Etsy store where she sells her bags, cases and home decor. In particular I want to share with you her KISS clutches as I think they are so cute and bright and so much FUN!

Take a look at this sunny yellow one:

The Kiss Clutch - A ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern

The Kiss Clutch by Kathy of The Crazy Needle

 Isn’t it gorgeous? AND how about this lovely vibrant orange, purple and pink one? Oh I just love this! 🙂

The Crazy Needle brings you the KISS Clutch - a ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern

So Vibrant!

Or how about this one:

Kathy of the Crazy Needle brings you the KISS Clutch - a PDF sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

Another KISS Clutch by Kathy of the Crazy Needle

And here’s a side view:

The Kiss Clutch by the Crazy Needle - A ChrisW Designs Clutch pdf sewing pattern

The KISS Clutch – Side View

Under the flap:

ChrisW Designs KISS Clutch by Kathy of the Crazy Needle

So Cute, don’t you think?

Please do stop by Kathy’s Etsy store to appreciate some more of her work or to get your own ready to go KISS Clutch! To make your own KISS clutch, please stop by my shop and grab a copy of the pattern!


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