At long last, the granny Flat has a verandah AND railings…and my parents can get OUT without having to trapse through our house! See the steps on the right:

Granny Flat Verandah

They were stuck for a while as we there was a bit of a wait to get the verandah done, including WEEKS of wet weather! We still have some painting to do BUT now they have a nice cosy new granny flat overlooking farmland….very peaceful!

Grany Flat

Can you see the space/gap….under the solar hot water system?…Well that is the breezeway seperating their granny flat from our house. Now if only MY new bedroom were finished, then I would be SINGING! Oh well….patience is a virtue??


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  1. Holy Cow !! That is gorgeous!!!
    Definitely worth all the stress !!
    if you didn’t live so far I would pop over just to sit on that veranda !…dreamy !!
    I’m jealous !

  2. LOLLLL Thanks Liz! Plenty of cows around too as we live right next to a dairy farm! LOL Seriously it IS a nice place to relax….now IF I just had more TIME so I could do that! LOLLL At least my parents can enjoy it though……they’ve worked very hard all their life so really deserve every bit of comfort they have! 🙂

  3. LOL…yes the SUN part is something which we have been having lots of lately and I have NO complaints about that….not yet anyway…..maybe when our tanks start to get low I will though! LOL

  4. What a difference from when you started. It looks completely different. Absolutely beautiful. That’s the kind of verandah I’ve always dreamed of. You’re mum and dad are really lucky to have you and your family to do this form them.

  5. Thanks Maria….yes it is so nice now and the verandah is really great! Mum & dad love to sit there in the nice warm autumn sun, enjoying the scenery! Pity I didn’t have more time to join them….Hmmmm…maybe if I move a sewing machine out there………….LOLLL

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