Honestly….I NEVER win anything but I do enter giveaways just for the fun of it…..dream a little …..and then forget all about it! LOLLLL But this morning I was in for a HUGE but FABULOUS shock when I read the email I received from Maureen of Maureen Cracknell Handmade! I just sat there and read it several times over because I couldn’t believe it….I had actually WON a fat quarter bundle of fabric from Bloomerie!


Bloomerie is a Mother & Daughter team who run an online fabric shop. They carry a wonderful variety of fabrics plus a  a selection of notions, patterns, books and embroidery supplies.

Take a look at the gorgeous fabrics included in the giveaway! The bundle consists of TWELVE pretty fabrics featuring select prints from the “So Happy Together” collection by Riley Blake Designs.

Bloomerie bundle
GOSH….now I can’t WAIT until this bundle arrives! Hmmmmmm perhaps I will have to plan a new pattern that uses Fat Quarters? LOL What FUN! 🙂

How about you? Do you win things……..or are you like ME and barely ever win anything? (Note…I cannot say ‘never’ anymore! LOLLL)

A great BIG thank you to Maureen AND Bloomerie! You’ve made my day! 🙂

Oh and here’s a hint…. Bloomerie are having a fabulous Mega May sale with up to 50% off! 🙂

Happy Shopping AND Sewing!

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  1. Exciting! So happy for you–you deserve it! (No sewing being done here these past few weeks…just packing!)

  2. LOLLL Too right! It’s funny you should say that Carol because hubby commented that anyone seeing me would have thought I had won the lottery…..well….it did feel like that! LOLLLLLL

  3. Congratulations Christine !!
    What a fabulous prize you won!!
    I think you should design a bag for FQ ( I have tons of them …LOL
    Isn’t it great winning something!
    I have been lucky enough to win stuff every so often …welcome to the Lucky club ! 🙂

  4. How awesome is that!!!
    I drooled over that giveaway, I’m glad you got it!
    I tend to win often when it’s a skill-related giveaway (i.e. the first 500…) but otherwise, luck doesn’t tend to fall my way.
    However, I did win a pretty pouch and a couple of charm packs during the sew mama sew giveaway week 🙂
    Those pretty colors are right down my alley!

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