It’s really GREAT when you find a new tool that makes life easier and Clover’s Wonder Clips do just that! I had heard of them before BUT of course, I didn’t get around to getting myself some to try….until now, that is….and can you guess what? I LOVE them! They really do work great and the best part for me is that when I drop them on the floor I can find them, easily! Not like pins…which I normally find with my foot (Or hubby finds with his foot! LOLL)

So I thought I’d post about them here in case you too have been putting off trying them or haven’t heard of them yet!

Clover Wonder Clip

Clover Wonder Clip!

The clips have a flat clear piece with 6mm (1/4″) and 12mm (1/2″) seam allowance  markings on them and a red curved bit to accomodate most of the bulk. Put the flat side down when sewing and it lays flat against your machines bed….simply remove as your clip approaches the needle!

For bags, I find them particularly useful when sewing those bulky gusset seams, especially the curved bits….They hold on a treat and I am not peeking myself every two seconds like I do with pins!

Clover Wonder Clips

Great for Curvy Bag Gussets!
Clover Wonder Clips!

Fabulous Grip!

I bought a box of 50 of them:

…and yes….a nice plastic clear box with flip top lid is included, which is mighty handy!

Clover Wonder Clips!

Come complete with storage box!

How about you? Have you tried them and love them as much as I do?

Happy Bag Making!

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  1. I, too, took my time in purchasing these wonderful clips (mostly because of the expense), but they are worth their weight in gold. I started out buying to packages of 10, and liked them so much, I bought the box of 50. I use mine to hold the binding on quilts to do the hand stitching. I would recommend them to anyone else that has put off buying them.

  2. Yes…..they aren’t the cheapest and probably why I didn’t buy them earlier either BUT now I am glad I did because they are SO worth the expense! They are great for lots of other crafts too!

  3. So appreciate learning from actual users about great products…so how much American $ for 50? Can’t wait to finally find the sewing machine amongst all the packing boxes once I can bring everything upstairs that is all stuffed into one of my downstairs rooms.

  4. I wondered what they were when I saw the pictures. I really want some now after constantly getting scratched and stuck by pins whilst tackling a certain back pack ;). I think before I do my next project I should get myself some of these clips.
    I saw them at the craft fair some time ago but since I don’t really do much by way of quilting, thought I wouldn’t have a use for them and thy did seem a bit pricey. Now however I can think of plenty of uses and my scratched up hands might thank me.

  5. These DO look great to use! I recently used binder clips for the first time and now am completely sold on the clip concept for sewing. In sewing, I’m often heard to say that blood will stop the show (just to get a band-aid, LOL). Clips are so much more comfortable to work with, and Chris is so right, if you drop them, they’re a lot easier to find!:)
    In the U.S., JoAnn Fabrics carries them:

  6. I had been using binder clips before I got these too Krista BUT have to admit these, although more pricey, they are definitely better! :)Gosh…..I am starting to sound like I am affiliated with Clover….which I am NOT by the way BUT….really….they should sent me some FREE clips for all the free publicity I am giving them! LOLLLL

  7. I initially ordered these for quilt making, and had to order a few more because I practically use them for just about anything. These clips are super strong and very durable. It keeps food from getting stale. It keeps my kitchen towels where I want them. I even use these for my files….it’s even better than paper clips. You will find so many uses for these.

  8. Yes you are so right….there really are a lot of uses for these BUT for some reason it never occurred to me to use them in the kitchen! LOL A good excuse to buy some more? LOL Thanks for stopping by……….

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