Now….what could it be?

Up to something!

What is it??

Ok….so I have given you a little hint! LOLL BUT this is no ordinary ipad case… is a little more than that BUT……that is all I am going to reveal….for now! LOLLL

Oh and in case you are wondering…..I don’t actually own an ipad (NOT yet anyway? LOLL) …so hubby made me an ipad…OK….so it is a pretend ipad whose measurements mimic that of an actual ipad….sweet!…BUT I would rather a REAL ipad! LOLLL

Maybe once this …..ummmmm…. thing to carry an ipad is made…I will just have to go and buy one to make sure it fits properly….don’t ya think? I wonder if Hubby will agree……..


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  1. LOLLLL! Actually being the first fabric prototype…..I have just used any fabric to make it… least favourites from my stash!….What you think is ‘piping’ is actually a zipper BUT that is not to say that it might not include piping somewhere? LOLLLL

  2. At least it’s not the usual kind – eye pad. lol. I look forward to seeing it. I have been saving for an iPad… hopefully will have one by Christmas, then I will have to make it a ‘jacket’.

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