Ohhhh I just received some pics from Marilyn….she was able to score herself a copy of the Homespun Magazine and she has made Sugar & Spice!Β  I think it is absolutely delightful so of course I asked if I can share them with you!

Sugar & Spice by marilyn - A ChrisW Designs PDF designer bag pattern

Marilyn’s Sugar & Spice!

Marilyn also picked up on a little error in the magazine instructions: On step 45 (pg 77), it says
to sew the side and bottom edges of the lining together. You do NOT need to sew the bottom edges of the lining together as there is a base to insert! You may have noticed when you cut out your pieces that you have a base and you find that out in the next step BUT if you aren’t paying attention you will have to unpick! EEEK! sorry about that!

Just look at Marilyn’s interior:

Sugar & Spice crafted bt=y Marilyn - In June 2013 issue of Homespun magazine!

Marylin’s Sugar & Spice’s Interior!

How fabulous is that! Thanks heaps for letting me share the pics Marilyn! πŸ™‚ Oh and for picking up on that error! :0

Geee….I wish I could get such good shots of the interior of my bags! Is it just me or do others struggle to get good interior shots? LOL

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Marilyn did a fantastic job. It looks so professionally madeand the fabrics are gorgeous. I don’t remember seeing that error. LOLLLL Hope I don’t loose my job over it. LOLL

  2. Gorgeous bag, love the fabrics she chose. Yes I also find it hard to get a good interior shot, it’s so hard to get the lighting right. I have a few orders to finish up (yay) and then I’m hoping to start on your backpack pattern πŸ™‚

  3. LOLLL…you are off the hook! The instructions were re-written to suit the format of the magazine and it was I who missed the error when I checked the re-written instructions! Me bad! Maybe I should fire myself? LOLLLL

  4. Yes I love those fabrics too….and I am glad I am not the only one struggling to get good interior shots! LOL! I must get a proper lighting setup and some reflectors when I get my studio setup properly….that would help!

  5. What a wonderful bag Marilyn has made, and I totally agree with the other commenters on her fabric choices. This is a really nice design, too, Chris!
    The photos are great–I also have challenges taking photos when I don’t have enough natural light. It’s a slow process for me, because the project is my “primary focus” (pun accidental, but appropriate-ha,ha!.
    A post/tutorial on styling bags for photographing would be nice (hint, hint). One thing I would like to do (haven’t done it yet) is buy some beadboard and paint it a seafoam green or an aqua blue. I’ve seen that used as a background in a food blog, and it looks really nice and seems to go with everything. Marilyn’s beautiful background reminds me of that.
    Brava, Marilyn!

  6. Thanks for the kind comments. This has become my favorite bag of all time!! Thanks, Christine for the great design.

  7. Thanks for your comments Krista! πŸ™‚ Nice backgrounds and good lighting make all the difference….I am hoping to setup a nice area for photography once our renovations are done and we get a new bedroom and are outta here so I get the full use of my studio….the space my clothes are hogging right now will be a perfect mini photographic studio! It WILL happen…ONE DAY! HA! I can dream….it doesn’t feel like it will ever be a reality at the moment! LOLLLL maybe I can find an expert on good bag photos to do a guest post on photographing bags! Anyone reading this reply and want to do it, let me know! LOLLLLL

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