Buying fabric that is HALF PRICE, of course! LOLLL A couple of days ago one of my local fabric stores, Lincraft, had a HUGE sale on all their fabrics…..HALF price….including quilting fabrics! YAY! Now how could I NOT go and have a look?

Of course….having a look is no fun unless you BUY something! LOLL Admittedly I think they hid their better quilting fabrics out the back for the sale…LOLL…But nevertheless I managed to score a few pieces:

fabric stash

Half Price! Who doesn’t like HALF PRICE!

The top one is a corduroy fabric….Emma (My eldest daughter) said “Mum, what are you going to make with that, it looks so kiddy?” OK so maybe it does ….it has some cute little owls in it as well as lolly pops and hearts which you can see more clearly in the next photo…. and well…maybe I don’t know what I’ll make with it or why I want it BUT…I kinda like it! LOL Isn’t that reason enough to buy it? LOL

Fabric Stash

Hmmmm….now just WHAT shall I make?

Anyway…..Like most people (Surely not just ME?) my stash is growing a little faster than it is shrinking! 😉 BUT….It is hard to pass up a sale like that!…How about you?….do you RUSH for the local sales, buy online or scour the thrift stores? Either way…..I am sure we can all agree that hunting for fabric sure beats hunting for FOOD! LOLLL

Oh…and CONGRATS to Deidre, Hueisei & Joanne for winning a copy of Evelyn! You would have heard from me by now unless my emails are floating somewhere in cyberspace instead! LOLL

Happy sewing!

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  1. Buying fabric at half price with a friend who likes to stash fabric too would be even more fun, on second thoughts maybe not, you could end up arguing over the last bit on the roll. Love your fabrics, especially the top center one in the second photo. Whatever you make I’m sure it will be a winner.

  2. LOLLL! True…..I can just picture it now! Probably get KICKED out of the shop for causing a ruckus! LOLLL BUT…..a problem for ME as most of my fabric stashing friends live in another country! LOLLLLL
    Thanks…..whatever I make will probably be a BAG of some sort! LOLLL

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