Admittedly it took me a bit longer to get this done than I had anticipated (When doesn’t it? LOLLL) BUT….that is only because I want to make sure the pattern is the best I can get it! One thing is for sure….I could NOT do that without the help of all my wonderful pattern testers AND my proof reader extraordinaire, Rochelle!

Almost all of the testers had trouble getting the eyelets….That was my fault as I didn’t give them enough TIME to order them in! :0 Hence the straps have been added in a conventional manner using tabs…Which, as you will see, doesn’t distract from the overall finished look of the bag! I’ll share some pics with you shortly BUT first I want to tell you a bit more about the bag! 🙂


The Lombard Street
is perfect for keeping
your iPad (Complete with hardcase!) or other similar sized electronic device nice and secure and well
protected in its specially designed zippered pocket. The bag also features 2 large
front slip pockets PLUS a hidden slip pocket for your mobile phone. There is
also a third large front pocket with a hidden zipper to keep your valuables
secure. The Lombard Street Bag opens with a recessed zipper leading to a spacious
interior, where another 4 slip pockets keep you organised! Add some nice shiny
rivets to your adjustable strap and nobody will believe you made it yourself!

Finished bag size = approx. 25.5cm (10”)  X 29cm (11½”) X 5cm (2”)

While I recommend using ByAnnie’s Soft and Stable for this bag for those of you who can’t get it, Headliner Foam is a good substitute! You can also use a fusible fleece, such as Pellon TP971F Thermolam Plus, Bosal Fleece or Vilene
H640 but do be aware that your bag may not be as structured! One of my Pattern testers, Camila. is from Brasil and she used a product called  “Forrobel”. (See pics below).


Ratings ADVANCED This is mainly due to the construction of the iPad pocket and the narrow gussets!

The pdf pattern for The Lombard Street Bag has 47 pages of instructions which include 81 step by step colour photos. There are 4 photos of the finished bag, printing instructions and test squares to check scale. 13 Pattern pieces are included as are measurements for both Metric and Imperial!

PLUS a TEXT ONLY version of the instructions (9 pages) comes bundled with your pattern for printing purposes, should you not need or wish to print all of the photos! Simply refer to your electronic versions for photos if needed! Saves on ink!


  • Exterior fabric:
    90 cm (1 yard) of 112cm (44”) wide fabric
  • Lining fabric: 90 cm (1 yard) of 112cm (44”)
    wide fabric
  • Fusible interfacing: mid-weight,  110cm (42”) of 112cm (44”) wide interfacing
    (Pellon Shape-Flex
    is a good choice –2 yards)
  • ByAnnie’s Soft &
    : 46cm X 91cm (18” X 36”)
  • Matching thread (I use Gutermann Polyester)
  • 1 X 28cm (11”) zipper or longer, cut down to
    size for hidden zipper pocket
  • 1 X 30cm (12”) zipper or longer, cut down to
    size for your recessed zipper
  • 1 X 40cm (16”) zipper or longer, cut down to
    size for your iPad pocket
  • 8 X 6mm (¼”) rivets (optional)
  • 1 X 2.5cm (1”) inner diameter rectangular slider
    for the adjustable strap
  • 2 X metal oval shaped eyelets: inner
    measurements, 26mm X 9mm (1⅟16” X ⅜”)
  • Small amount of fray stopper and craft glue for
    setting eyelets

First cab off the rank…as usual, was Maria of Mia Creates! As usual, Maria’s work is PERFECT and as always, without fail, I LOVE her fabric choices as they always look classy!

Lombard Street Bag by Maria of Mia Creates

Interestingly Maria kept a record of the time it took her to
complete the bag and it was a total of 11 hours and 40 mins! Mind you…..she
was checking the pattern for me as she worked BUT….she is also a very fast
sewer so this is definitely NOT a project to tackle if you want to make
something in a hurry!

back view of Maria's Lombard Street Bag

The pattern itself took Maria 11 minutes to cut out and tape together and choosing her fabrics, about the same length of time! LOVE your choice of fabrics, Maria – Time well spent! 🙂

Close up view of Maria's Front Pockets - Lombard Street PDF Bag Design by ChrisW Designs
Close-up view of Maria’s Front Pockets!

Next up we have
Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio. Daryl used
Headliner foam for her bag and I think it looks awesome…you wouldn’t know it
just by looking at the pics! I really like Daryl’s choice of fabrics as
well….it really accentuates the look of the zig zag pockets, reminiscent of
Lombard Street! 🙂

Lombard Street bag by Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio

Here’s the iPad pocket at the back….of course you could also store any number of things in that pocket, including passports and other travel documents!

View Daryl's iPad Pocket - Lombard Streey Bag by ChrisW Designs
Interior of the Lombard Street bag by ChrisW Designs - Crafted by Daryl
Next up we have Marilyn’s awesome version. I just LOVE this colour combination!

Marilyn's version of the Lombard Street Bag!

Just look at the interior…it’s GORGEOUS!

Interior view of the Lombard Street Hipster made by Marilyn!

LOVE the look of the recessed zipper here:

View of Recessed Zipper on the Lombard Street Bag - an Advanced sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs - crafted by Marilyn!
Next up we have Camila’s version, which also accentuates the front pockets:

Camila's version of the Lombard Street bag - A ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern

View of the Ipad Pocket on Camila's Lombard Street bag

Camila is in Brazil and wasn’t able to get Soft & Stable so she used a product called “Forrobel” instead! It’s like a really thick wool felt. Looks like it worked a treat to me!

Forrobel used for the construction of the Lombard Street Bag by Camila!

Forrobel – a felt like substitute for Soft & Stable!

Next up we have Patricia….again…LOVE the look of the accentuated front pockets:

Patricia's Lombard Street bag
View of the iPad pocket on Patricia's Lombard Street Cross the Body bag

Patricia chose to add a zipper pocket in the interior of her bag as well as the slip pockets you can see here:
Interior view of Patricia's Lombard Street Hipster bag

WOW….don’t you just love the look of Anna’s version? I think Anna’s bag is full of secrets and hidden treasures, don’t you?

Anna's Lombard Street Hipster - A ChrisW Designs PDF pattern

View of Anna’s iPad pocket!
Anna's Lombard Street bag! An Advanced bag sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

Front View!

Serena chose bright red for her bag and WOW, it certainly makes a statement! I LOVE it!

Serena's version of the Cross the Body Lombard Street bag!

Look at the cute apples on the interior fabric:

Serena's iPad pocket view of the Lombard Street bag

Fits an iPad with hardcover, a Tablet or other similar sized electronic device!
Lombard Street Bag by Serena

Loads of pockets for lots of organisation!

Next up we have Liz of Moments. Liz told me AFTER she finished, that she chose some very expensive fabric to test her bag! I am glad she only told me afterwards, because I think I would have had a heart attack if I had known beforehand! LOL BUT….I am glad she made that choice now because just look at the results:

Front view of Liz's Lombard Street Bag

Liz wanted her bag to look “cool, modern & hippy” so she chose wild 3D fabric. She has most certainly achieved that! MAN this bag in this fabric just blows me away! LOL If you want to know where to get the fabric … it is at Irmgard’s shop and is called Nina. Liz posted on her blog about the fabric and how cool she found it.

Liz's Lombard Street Bag - A ChrisW Designs Advanced Sewing Pattern!

Don’t you just LOVE this interior?

View of the interior - Lombard Street Bag - |Crafted by Liz of Moments
Next up we have Norma. I really like the added piping detail here…..It SO sets off the look of Norma’s bag:

Norma's version of the Lombard Street Bag by ChrisW Designs

Such a great neutral fabric choice! I wonder HOW all these pattern testers always manage to choose such great fabrics!

iPad Pocket view of Norma's Bag

Norma has a tablet which is about the size of an iPad mini….you can see it here:

Complete with iPad! Norma's great Lombard Street Bag
Last BUT definitley not least is Rachel:

Rachel's version of the Cross the Body Hipster by ChrisW Designs - The Lombard Street Bag!

Rachel chose Adventures Graphic Floral Grey by RJR
Fabrics for her exterior and inside is Adventures Circles Purple. (Designed by Stephanie Wright
of Stephanie Marie Designs for RJR Fabrics – cotton quilting fabric). STUNNING! What more can I say!

Rachel's iPad Pocket of the Lombard Street Bag

The lining fabrics is equally as awesome as the exterior! Here’s a top view

Top view of Rachel's Lombard Street Hipster!

Top view of Rachel’s Bag!

A special HUGE THANK YOU goes out to ALL the fabulous Ladies testing this bag and especially with such short notice! I think everyone did a fabulous job and I had great FUN watching all the photos pop into my inbox! I am so pleased I have been able to share them here today! 🙂

I simply could NOT do this without their help so Kudos to each and everyone of them!  PLUS I might even have a few more photos to share with you in a few days time! 🙂

So…If you liked what you saw, the Lombard Street Bag is available in my shop NOW! Hardware can be obtained by clicking here! 

Thanks for looking and happy bag making! 🙂

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  1. Congratulations Christine!! This is really an awesome and unique bag. I’m always impressed on all testers versions. I love them! Yes, it’s an advance pattern but you really are able to instruct and find the perfect way to take someone step by step and achieve a great bag that we can be proud of it. Amazing!

  2. If you are short this doesn’t really work. Why not come up with a pattern for an IPad on its side in stead of standing up.

  3. Hi Christine! This is so great design! All the bags in this post are beautiful and there are fantastic fabric choises! Hope to find time to make this. x Teje
    PS. Thanks again for yesterday!!!

  4. Wow, Christine! Congratulations again on another fabulous pattern. I completely agree with Norma’s comment–that even in an advanced pattern you have the ability to help us break it down into digestible steps. You could be doing anything, but I’m glad you are designing bag patterns. 🙂 I always feel that making one of your bags is like taking a sewing class. My family likes the bags that you design, too. They’re pretty supportive when I say I want to make another one!
    All of the testers did a fabulous job–there are things I like about all of them! I may just have to buy an iPad just so I can make this bag (ha!)!
    Wonderful job to all of you!!

  5. Over from SMW linky. I saw Maria’s bag there. How clever are you, what a fabulous bag. As my sewing skills get better I’d like to give it a go.
    All the different versions are fabulous too.

  6. Glad you like it and guess what? I don’t have an iPad either….yet….good excuse for me to buy one, I think? LOLLL Luckily it is great for lots of other things and not just an iPad! 😉

  7. I absolutely love this bag design and I can’t stop thinking about how easy it will be to carry all of my things. I am a busy nursing student and I would benefit greatly from it!

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