I know that I have blown my trumpet on Lombard Street quite a bit lately BUT today I would like to share a few more of my pattern testers photos with you anyway! These Ladies didn’t quite make it in time to meet my deadline (should I say rediculous deadline??) and the introductory posting on my new Lombard Street bag BUT…..I can’t help myself….everyone has done such a great job, it is hard not to share them with you anyway! LOLLL

First up is this collage of Linda’s bag….I think her fabric choice is perfect for this bag and just look at the twist and turns of those pockets! What does it remind you of??

The Lombard Street Cross the Body Hipster PDF advanced sewing pattern - crafted by Linda Shead!

Linda’s version of the Lombard Street bag!

Next up is Patricia’s bag….WOW…..I love this fabric too! (Is there any fabric I don’t like?? well…actually there are a couple of pieces in my stash I am NOT particularly fond off….one wonders when I look at them now, what on earth I was thinking that day! LOLLL)

Patricia used a gorgeous oriental looking fabric for her bag and I love how she used a red strap to pick up on the red accent in the fabric! Awesome!

Patricia also chose to ‘stretch out’ her pocket configuration a little differently than the pattern calls for….BUT, hey, it looks great too, don’t you think?

Patricia's Lombard Street Bag! A cross the body hipster pattern qwith iPad pocket by ChrisW Designs
Patricia also used headliner Foam in place of the Soft & Stable! I really need to see if I can get some of it locally myself…another thing to add to my ‘to do’list! (Does your to do list grow MUCH faster than it shrinks too?? LOLL)

The Back of Patricia's Lombard Street Bag - a ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern!
Do you know the Lombard Street bag actually has 10 pockets? Well…I didn’t, until Patricia told me she had counted them! Haha! How silly am I! You could have offered me a million bucks for the answer and I would have walked away WITHOUT the cash…(unless I could have CHEATED and metally added them up real quick!!)

Pockets in Patricia's Lombard Street Bag - The cross the body hipster pattern by ChrisW Designs

Last BUT definitley NOT least is Carolyn’s Lombard Street Bag (I just LOVE typing that name! LOLLL) Carolyn also used Headliner Foam and I bet you wouldn’t have known had I not told you! Just look at the stunning colour combos in this fabric?? I LOVE it!

Carolyn's Cross the body hipster bag - Lombard Street by ChrisW DesignsPLUS the lining is a perfect match too!

Carolyn's Lombard Street iPad pocket - A ChrisW Designs pdf sewing pattern
Thanks again Ladies for taking the time to test my new pattern and for sharing pics with us! ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh and before I forget, a few people have emailed me to ask what the fabrics are that I used on my version of the Lombard Street Bag:

The Lombard Street Bag - a ChrisW Designs advanced bag sewing pattern
So I thought this may be a good place to share that info with you too! It is “What’s the Scoop Yellow
Yummy Words” for the exterior and “What’s the Scoop Blue Tonal
Floral” for the lining byย Me O’ My for SPX Fabrics. I got them from my Sponsor, The Fat Quarter Shop hereย and here!

In case you want your own copy of the Lombard Street pattern and have missed my previous brag session on it, you can find it in my pattern shop here!

Happy Sewing!

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