This week I am introducing you to a sewist I ‘met’ via Etsy
waaaayyyy back in early January 2011! She was one of my first customers and at the time
she had purchased my Evelyn pattern. Shortly after I sent it out to her, I
had to send her an amended version…YIKES! I will never forget the feeling of horror when I discovered my newly released pattern had errors in it! …..That was back in the days before I
discovered you need to have a pattern tested before you sell any patterns! I soon remedied that situation and Stephanie became one of my very first testers, testing my Bella pattern for me! 🙂

Anyway…..over to you Stephanie:

Blogger banner_edited-1When did you start to sew?

I can’t remember exactly when I started to sew but I do have
memories of making little dresses and hats for my Sindy dolls.  My Nana was a great sewist but unfortunately
she died before I realised how great sewing was and how much I could have
learned from her.  I think my love of
sewing really started again when I had my two sons and used to sew them little
tool belts or their favourite character costumes. I have always loved to create
including candle making, salt dough, furniture painting, card making,
scrapbooking and many more but I always return to my passion for fabric and

Bag by Stephanie Ellison of My Calico Heart!

Self Taught or Taught to Sew?

A bit of both and also many hours reading tutorials/blogs
online and watching YouTube (I think I am a visual learner).

Bella by Stephanie Ellison of My Calico Heart!

Stephanie’s Bella!

What sort of things do you like to sew?

I get bored easily and usually have lots of projects on the
go at once.  I love to sew bags, patchwork
quilts, clothes, costumes, curtains, home decor items; basically if it can be
sewn I like to sew it.  I love sewing
handmade gifts for family and friends and I hope they enjoy receiving them.

Quilt by Stephanie of My Calico Heart!

One of Stephane’s Quilts!
Quilt by Stephanie Ellison of My Calico Heart!

Another of Stephanie’s Quilts!

Patterns or Make it Up?

Mostly patterns as there are so many talented designers
around with fabulous designs and they are also a great way to learn new
techniques.  I do of course add my own
little bits of personalisation and I have also sewn my own designs.

Market Shopper by Stephanie Ellison of My Calico Heart!
Favourite Fabric or Designer?

I usually sew with quilting weight fabric as it comes in so many
great colours and patterns. It is lovely
quality and great to sew with.  One of my
favourite fabric designers is Amy Butler. I love the colours she uses and the
patterns which tend to be based on nature and the flowers from her garden.  She is a fabulous photographer too.

Ipad Cover by Stephanie Ellison!

Sewing Secrets?

Don’t skimp on the interfacing or you will end up with
‘saggy bag syndrome’ (I speak from experience)


Oh yes, many – I think they are compulsory!

Dedicated Sewing Room?

I have waited over 20 years to get my own sewing room, it
has been worth the wait and I love it!

Sewing Room

Stephanie’s Sewing Room!

Other hobbies?

I love to travel, see new places, taste new foods and gain
new experiences.  If I’m not travelling I
love to plan where I would like to visit next.

Stephanie's Travel Photo
Thank you for Christine for inviting me, this has been fun
and I have enjoyed reading the other interviews.

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Thanks for sharing a bit more about yourself with us Stephanie! I could do with some of those shelves for my sewing room!

Here are some links so you can find out more about Stephanie and maybe even buy one of her creations! 🙂


Next week I will be introducing another Pattern Designer …..BUT not only does she design patterns, she is also I’m an interior designer and aspiring textile designer… stay tuned……..

Happy Sewing!

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