OK so this was a while coming, (gosh I sound like a broken record!) BUT FINALLY here it is! I have great pleasure in bringing to you my first dedicated Pleather Bag Pattern – The Uptown Girl! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes…the pattern is written with Pleather/Leather/Faux leather and Vinyl in mind! BUT…of course any good sewist worth their weight in salt knows that you don’t have to stick to the rules…they are of course, meant to be broken, are they not? (Well I thought they are! LOL) So naturally I knew that some of you would like to make it in fabrics …..hey…why not, so I have helped you along a little and included some tips in the pattern for fabric sewists too!

As usual, I really couldn’t do this without the wonderful support of my proof reader Rochelle and all the wonderful ladies who test my patterns and kindly let me know when something needs attention! Thank you ALL! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s some info about the Uptown Girl:


The Uptown Girl is perfect for a day out on the town. This bag may have a minimalist appearance on the exterior, with two slip pockets on the sides for your phone or keys; however, inside you will find a multitude of storage pockets for organisation. Its roomy interior is secured by a recessed zipper and boasts an additional interior zippered divider pocket, PLUS 4 extra slip pockets and 2 pen pockets.

Finished bag size = approx. 30cm (12โ€) X 30cm (12โ€) X 11.5cm (4ยฝโ€).

Rated Advancedย  Ratings ADVANCEDย due to the use of pleather however I would say it is Intermediate if made up in fabric.

Supplies Needed:

  • Exterior fabric:ย  45 cm (ยฝ yard) of 112cm (44โ€) wide fabric
  • Piece of contrast fabric: 71cm X 30cm (28โ€X 12โ€) (optional)
  • Lining fabric: 110cm (43โ€) of 112cm (44โ€) wide fabric
  • Fusible interfacing: mid-weight,ย  40cm (16โ€) of 112cm (44โ€) wide interfacing (the narrower Pellon Shape-Flex SF101 is a good choice, but you will need about 1 yard if you go that route)
  • ByAnnieโ€™s Soft & Stable: 46cm X 91cm (18โ€ X 36โ€) (or substitute with Headliner Foam; you can also use fusible fleece, however, you will end up with a bag that is more floppy)
  • Matching thread (I use Nylon Upholstery thread for pleather and Gutermann Polyester for quilting cotton)
  • 1 X 36cm (14โ€) zipper or longer, cut to size for your recessed zipper
  • 1 X 28cm (11โ€) zipper for the inner Divider Pocket (or longer cut to size)
  • 2 X readymade adjustable straps: I used 15mm (โ…โ€) wide, adjustable from 39cm to 55cm (15โ…œโ€to 21โ…โ€™โ€) (Or you can make your own if you prefer!)
  • 2 X metal round or oval shaped eyelets: minimum inner diameter measurements โ€“ 15mm (โ…โ€) or to suit your straps
  • 4 X 12mm (ยฝโ€) purse feet
  • OPTIONAL: 2 X 30.5cm (12โ€) cable ties (recommended for stabilising your zipper divider pocket) or you can use boning too!
  • OPTIONAL: 2 rolls 6mm (ยผโ€) Wash Away Wonder Tape
  • OPTIONAL: 6mm (ยผโ€) Cold Tape (see notes)
  • OPTIONAL : (if using quilting cotton for exterior) additional fusible interfacing: mid-weight,ย  40cm (16โ€) of 112cm (44โ€) wide interfacing (Pellon Shape-Flex SF101 is a good choice but you will need about 1 ย yard in that case)
  • Small amount of craft glue for setting eyelets
  • Small amount of Fray Stopper if using quilting cottons instead of pleather

First cab off the rank was Marilyn. I just adore the rich red colour of Marilyn’s bag….and look at her awesome stitching!

Marilyn's Uptown Girl Bag - Exterior

Marilyn opted to make her own straps and added hooks to attach them. I think they look great! The recessed zipper keeps everything secure!ย Marilyn's Uptown Girl Bag Recessed Zipper

This lining fabric is gorgeous!

Marilyn's Uptown Girl interior

Next up we have Daryl ofย Patchouli Moon Studioย Daryl chose to use fabrics for her bag….fabulous!

Daryl's Uptown Girl - A chrisW Designs PDF Bag pattern

This blue is just divine!

Daryl's Uptown Girl - Side View

Daryl added a cute zipper pull too!

Daryl's Uptown Girl - Recessed Zipper view

Next up we have Robin’s bag….It is minus the handles at this point BUT it is so neat I just had to show it here anyway! LOL just imagine the handles, OK? LOLLL
Robin - Minus handles at this point

So neat!

Robin's Uptown Girl's recessed Zipper

Notice the top of Robin’s pocket! Hmmm I really must start making use of all the fancy stitches on my machine! Who else has them BUT never seems to make use of them?

The pockets on Robin's Uptown Girl bag!

Robin's Uptown Girl Interior

Next up we have Maria’s bag. As usal her work is stunning! Check out the straps and tabs….Maria made them herself!

Maria's Uptown Girl

Maria also added some decorative rows of stitching to her bag for a unique look!

Closeup of Maria's Uptown Bag

Strap Tabs
Maria opted to make her zipper longer so she has plenty to grab at both ends when opening and closing her bag. Those cute little zipper end things (OK again I am lost as to what they are called! LOL) really make a statement!

Maria's Uptown Girl's Recessed Zipper

I challenge YOU to find a wonky stitch! LOLL

The Base!

What an awesome interior too, such a cute fabric for the pockets:

Interior of Maria's Uptown Girl

Maria also has a great tip if you can’t get cable ties or regular boning! She has used the plastic strapping stuff (For lack of the proper name! LOLL) that you find around fridges or other large packaged items. Costs you nix and works a treat! ๐Ÿ™‚

Maria's version of boning

Next up we have Norma. Norma also opted to make her own straps and tabs and also added some rivets which add to the professional look!

Norma's Uptown Girl Bag!

Who would guess Norma made this bag herself!

Norma's Uptown Girl bag!
Here you can see the bag feet. They look great, don’t you agree? ๐Ÿ™‚

Norma's Base
Recessed Zipper of Norma's Uptown Girl bag!
Here we have Stephanie’s version….So eye catchy!

Stephanie's Uptown Girl BagStephanie also opted to attach her bag with hooks and also some rings! Neat!
Stephanie's Uptown Girl

Love this interior!

Stephanie's Uptown Girl's Interior

Next up is Camila, who finished her bag in record time, having joined in the testing late! NOT that you would know it by looking at her bag! What an awesome job! It looks really beautiful, don’t you think?!

Camila's Uptown Girl in Fabric & Pleather!

I LOVE how Camila has combined fabric and pleather in her bag! It’s super stylish!

The Recessed Zipper on Camila's Uptown Girl Bag!

Camila's bag's side pocket! - Uptown Girl - a ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern!

My gosh….next up is Liz’s bag….what can I say about Liz’s bag? It’s STUNNING! ย Don’t you agree?
Liz's Uptown Girl!
Liz also opted to make her own Straps and tabs…

The Interior of Liz's Uptown Girl - a PDF sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

Liz also commented that she didn’t have the Soft & Stable so she opted to use Thermolam…Her comment was that next time she would use two layers just to make it stand up that little bit more plus perhaps add a plastic base.

Liz's Recessed Zipper on her Uptown Girl Bag! - A ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern!

Here’s a view of the side pocket on Liz’s bag. I like to carry my phone in one side pocket and my keys in the other. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ I need to be able to grab both fast…I hate rummaging around for them! Mind you, if I had Liz’s bag I wouldn’t leave the house for fear someone would GRAB the BAG from me and RUN! LOLLLL

Side view of Liz's Uptown Girl!

Last BUT definitely not least is Trish’s version. Trish opted to use scarves for the handle….What a nifty idea as they suit the bag perfectly!

Trish's Uptown Girl!

Such lovely bright colours! So cheery! I love it! Trish opted to leave out her divider pocket! Look how much room is in there! I hope your kitchen sink doesn’t weigh too much Trish…LOL

Trish's Interior - Uptown Girl, a PDF sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

So that’s it for now! I am sure you agree that ALL the bags are stunning! Again I thank ALL my testers for their hard work! It’s very much appreciated! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh andย I will have a few more photos to share once the rest of the testers hardware turns up! (My fault for giving them such short time to complete! EEK! Sorry Ladies!)

To grab YOUR copy of the Uptown Girl, pop over to my shop here!

Happy Sewing!

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  1. Oh Wow!! So many great versions. They all look very chic, professional and upscaled. And with so many options of materials to use everyone can make it their own. Congratulations again Christine on a great pattern and design. I still have mine displayed on my table to look at it. All testers made a great job.

  2. A great bag Christine now with a great name too! I love how each of us who tested the bag added or subtracted something to make the bag work for them. It shows that you can customize the bag anyway that you want to. Sometimes we have to make changes if we cannot find certain hardware, etc. So that helps others that want to make this bag or another bag, to see that you can do your own thing. I hope you have lots of success with this bag pattern Christine!!!!!

  3. Everyone has done an amazing job of their bags and Trish’s bag is really unique. This is my all time favourite bag pattern and am getting so much pleasure from it. Thanks

  4. Marilyn, Maria and Liz, awesome stitching on the faux leather, Wow! The red and black is so dramatic Marilyn, I am sure you will get compliments everywhere you go. I also loved the bags by Stephanie and Camila which incorporated fabric with the faux leather. Trish used such a colorful print,and tied off the handles, I just love it. They are all wonderful examples, and look very professional.

  5. Beautiful bags, ladies! It’s really fun to see what others do with the same pattern. Love this pattern, too, Christine and can’t wait to make it in fabric. This was my first faux leather bag and the pattern had great tips to get me through.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comments and Daryl and you are right…there are so many different ways you can make this bag up, it is totally so easy to make it your own and unique….all you need is a little imagination and inspiration and all the testers bags certainly provide that!

  7. Yes I like it both ways…fabric and pleather…..both work really well in use and I have been carrying mine for a while now….it will be hard to move onto my next pattern to trial carry…..Hmmm…l guess l will have to work extra hard to make it fun to carry too! LOLLL

  8. You have shared really so nice and very unique handbags, All handbag design looks very beautiful and unique. I would like to have first one, it’s so amazing. Thank you for sharing with us.

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