One of the things I enjoy most about designing bag patterns is when I see the bag being made up by other people…I know I can make up my own designs (of course! LOL)….BUT to see them actually come to life being made by my testers is totally AWESOME FUN! Today I am happy to share some more of the testers pics of the Uptown Girl! 🙂

First up – Robin has now added straps to her bag. She just sewed the two ends of each strap together so she can easily double them up if she just wants to hang it on her forearm instead of her shoulder.

Robin's strap idea!

Wear it like this:

Robin's Uptown Girl

Or like this:

Robin's Uptown Girl with long strap conversion!

What a nifty idea!

Next up we have Krista’s Uptown Girl:

Krista's Uptown Girl

Krista used fleece-backed vinyl for the exterior and poly microsuede (layered over the top of the vinyl) for the feature panels. The lining is 100% Kona Cotton Solid.

The interior of Krista's Uptown Girl!

Side pocket view:

Krista's Side Pocket

Krista made her bag using a 19 year old Kenmore sewing machine! Admittedly it got a little tough in some places around the recessed zipper and she had to take it real slow, one stitch at a time BUT hey, look what can be achieved with a little perseverance and patience! Who says you need a super dooper new machine to do a super dooper job!! She even made her own handles herself using Janelle’s tutorial at:

The recessed zipper on Krista's Uptown Girl!

Next up we have Kathy’s Uptown Girl….Kathy used a patterned faux leather for her exteror and a cotton for the lining. She also made her own tabs.

Kathy's Uptown Girl

Isn’t that patterned faux leather gorgeous! I want some! LOL You can really see it better in this next pic:

Kathy recessed zipper

And look at this snazzy lining:

Interior of Kathy's Uptown Girl!

Next up is Rachel’s Uptown Girl:

Rachel's Uptown Girl

Rachel used quilting cottons from Joann’s and grey headliner foam in place of Soft & Stable. I love Rachel’s fabric choice! AWESOME!

Another front view of Rachel's bag!

Gorgeous pink floral lining – SO adorable!

The lining of Rachel's Uptown Girl!

And here’s a view of the side pocket:

Side Pocket

Last but definitely not least is Dee’s Uptown Girl….Unfortunately Dee is still waiting on handles to complete her bag BUT doesn’t it look superb even without them?

Dee's Uptown Girl!

I’m really diggin’ those arm chairs!

Front view of Dee's bag

Dee used a gorgeous bright red lining with some matching stripes for the pockets (Bet you dig this, Liz? LOLL):

The interior of Dee's Uptown Girl!

And here’s a shot of the recessed zipper:

Recessed Zipper
Isn’t it FUN to see all the wonderfully different versions of this bag? SO inspirational! I don’t know WHERE these ladies always seem to manage to dig up such interesting fabrics…I really must live under a rock! LOL Thanks again to ALL my wonderful testers for doing such a great job and for helping me iron out any problems that cropped up with the pattern!

Happy bag making!

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