YES…it is THAT time again! My latest Pattern is off being tested as we speak….BUUUUT…I NEED a name! Can you help? Here’s a sneak peak:

Pleather PDF Bag sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

Designed and written with pleather (faux leather, real leather and vinyl) in mind, this bag may have a minimalist appearance on the exterior, with two slip pockets on the sides for your phone or keys; however, inside you will find a multitude of storage pockets for organisation. Its roomy interior is secured by a recessed zipper and boasts an additional interior zippered divider pocket, PLUS 4 extra slip pockets and 2 pen pockets.

Finished bag size = approx. 30cm (12”)  X 30cm (12”) X 11.5cm (4½”). Neither too big nor too small…. 🙂

Recessed Zipper - Pleather bag by ChrisW Designs, a PDF bag sewng pattern

I’ve used ready made straps BUT of course, you can make your own too!

Interior of the Faux Leather bag - a PDF bag sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

AND….Guess what! The bag makes up GREAT in other fabrics too! For the bag in the next photo I have chosen a faux suede for the main exterior pieces and a quilting fabric for the contrast panels. (Don’t you just love the cute little owls? LOL) While a little bag making experience will help you navigate the pattern, it is actually very easy to achieve a great result in fabric:

ChrisW Designs PDF Bag sewing pattern

Interior - ChrisW Designs PDF Bag sewing pattern

I am offering the soon to be newly released pattern PLUS a hardware kit both FREE of charge to whomever suggests the name I finally choose for the bag! (Yes I will post it to you anywhere in the world!)

Hardware Kit for the Pleather Bag - A ChrisW Designs PDF bag sewing pattern

To enter simply leave your name (Or names!) suggestion in the comment section below! PLEASE leave your name as well as….and this is REALLY important…a method of contacting you should you win!….HINT: I am leaning towards a name other than a persons name BUT not one describing the pleather/fabric! 😉

Competition closes Wednesday 22nd January! ………….and I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! 😉


P.S. Please forgive me for not personally replying/commenting on all the comments and name suggestions for this post….if I did, I would be here all day instead of working on finishing up the pattern! LOLL….BUT rest assurred I READ and appreciate every single one of them! 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. Hmm, I’m thinking no matter what name you choose, my (mobile) hairdresser really needs this bag!!! She’s forever rooting through the bottom of a large tote to find her small round brush….with that many pockets, there’d be no excuse!
    p.s. it looks fab with those handles!! Are you going to supply the handles?
    p.p.s. you know with my love of complicated pattern names I’d call it ‘The pocket tote or something equally complex LOL!!

  2. ooh.. lovely! Chic and Modern.. so how about Chic and Modern tote. or the Mod Block Tote. I’m not very good at this!
    Can’t wait to seet the tester’s bags!

  3. I love it!! So crisp and chic. In the pleather it makes me think of Manhattan or Broadway. Whatever the name I can’t wait to make it!

  4. LOVE THIS BAG!!! It looks great in both of those fabric combinations. I think the bag is totally sublime, so “Sublime” is my suggestion.

  5. Love the strap detailing! I’d say “Uptown Tote” or “Main Street” maybe working Chic in the name, or last but not least “5th (or Fifth) Avenue.” Hope none of those have been submitted yet 😉

  6. Uptown Girl, City Slicker, Arm Candy, Euro Chique, I Love This Tote (take on the yarn)
    Looks like another winning design! Fingers crossed…
    Rita aka crescendogal on fb

  7. The Busy Bee because of the colors that you used in the initial pic and also because of the wonderful organization within.
    CJ Davis

  8. How about the Luxe Bag or Luxe Tote? I think it looks really luxurious in the leather. Can’t wait til it’s available. 🙂

  9. I love this bag 😀 Specially in yellow and black colours. That’s why I suggest “Busy Bee Bag” –> for all busy women. 😀

  10. I know not everyone will. ‘get this’ as not everyone watches or knows Doctor Who, but my first reaction to this fabulously detailed bag was, ‘its bigger on the inside’….. so I can’t get past the idea of The TARDIS…..copyright and all, this one is out of the race! 😃

  11. A very smart looking bag! How about “Intentionally Vogue” or “Intentionally Metro Tote” or “Intentionally Sleek” or “How Come I Can’t Think Up Something Besides Intentional” LOL!!
    I really like this bag in both sets of fabrics! Great design!

  12. Love simplicity & the interior pockets! Good suggestions for names, too. It would be great for work or as an everyday bag, so maybe the Work & Play Tote of satchel.

  13. Just saying..some of these suggestions are really good–I’ve already entered mine, but I can see some great possibilities in combinations of ones already suggested! Fun! Glad I don’t have to decide! 🙂

  14. When I looked at the first pic, all I could think of was a peanut m & m – so my suggestion is peanut 😀

  15. I don’t have any suggestions but just wanted to add that I love the bag! Looking forward to the pattern when it’s released.

  16. Love it … “Country Maiden Bag ”
    Or “Pretty Perfect Bag”
    Or “Country Dreamer Bag”
    Or “Cirty High Bag”
    Ellen Wiedman

  17. Or “Lady London Bag”
    Or My favorite “Chasing Hedges Bag”
    Or something a little Australian
    “Girl Sydney Bag”
    “Casino Carry Bag”
    Or “Ozzie Rocks Bag”
    Gone a little overboard I think.. Maybe I might use some of these myself one day ..
    Ellen Wiedman .. I think you have my email… Just incase I win… Lol

  18. Reminds me of a Ferrari, fast, furious and very chic. How about The Fast and Furious Chic Bag. Oooopps my suggestions doesn’t count because I’m testing it LOLLLL

  19. It looks like an expensive designer bag so
    High class tote
    Oh so chic
    Uptown lady
    Racy lady
    Darling chic
    Darling tote

  20. Love this bag can’t wait for the pattern. My thought when I first saw this was chic so how about the Ultimate Chic Bag.

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