This week I have a Sewist Interview to share with you! This wonderful sewist is all into recycling and refashioning and turning something outdated into something new and hip! YAY…I’m loving this…I have a rather large pile of clothes which….ummm…lets just say SHRUNK and no longer fit me…..So turning them into something else which I can actually use, sounds like a good idea to me!


When did you start to sew?

I started sewing when I was 10.

Who taught you to sew or are you self-taught?

It was a bit of both my mum and school.  My mum used to make all my dresses and I would just watch – she even sewed my wedding dress! I was taught cross-stitch in primary school, and when we progressed to secondary school, we (boys and girls!) were taught how to sew a cushion cover and a draw string bag. It wasn’t until I reached my late teens that I got really interested in sewing,  and my mum taught me a lot of good hand-sewing techniques, but I still haven’t mastered sewing from dress patterns yet. Plus, I still fear my sewing machine – I’m just afraid of it jamming, not to mention the sewing tension.

What sort of things do you like to sew?

I enjoy sewing clothes from old ones. I do a lot of experimentation with fabrics too.

Refashioned Jeans and Fisherman's Pants

Do you like to use patterns or do you prefer to make it up as you go along?

I’m terrible at patterns, but I love to deconstruct my old clothes to make new ones.  I enjoy the process of looking at the garments in my wardrobe and then figuring out how they can be given a new lease of life.

T-Shirt Thongs

Have you made something that is your all-time favourite creation? If so, why?

Can I have two favourites? 🙂 OK, my all-time favourite is the LBD that I created from two old black dresses. One was just worn out and not showing up as black, and the other was a lace black dress that my friend passed on to me. I combined them both together to get an LBD for a great night out! 

LBD Refashioned!

Do you have a favourite fabric type you prefer to work with? Favourite Fabric line or fabric designer?

I think I’ll write down what I don’t like – satin and silk fabrics. They are very difficult to manage and I don’t think I have the patience to deal with them however beautiful they are. I love the fabric designs of Marimekko – they are so colourful and make me feel happy!

Any sewing secrets you would like to share?

Always check your work every few minutes. I didn’t do this once when I did some appliqué to a t-shirt, and ended up having to unpick and resew everything. I wasn’t too pleased!

What type of machine/s do you have?

Singer (the model number is worn out but it is a basic one)

Jean Bag

Do you have any sewing goals?

I would love to improve my appliqué skills, and learn how to do pattern design.

Any UFO’s?

Yes! I have a work-in-progress blanket made from old t-shirts. I’m currently knitting it using the rainbow loom. 


Rainbow loom

When do you find time to sew?

Anytime when my son is at school, when it is very quiet.:)

Do you have a dedicated sewing space or room?

Oh my gosh, I wish did have a dedicated place. My sewing takes me to every part of my flat (much to my husband’s annoyance). Here’s a photo of where I keep my sewing materials!

Sewing Supplies!
Do you have any other hobbies you like to indulge in?

I love to read, and currently I’m reading White Bread, which is about the social history of the store-bought loaf. I also enjoy sharing a lot about refashioning with the community where I live.

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Thanks for a FUN interview Agy! 🙂

If you or someone you know have some sewing to share why not do it here with us, by scoring yourself your very own interview! Simply email me and we’ll chat! 🙂

Same goes for any Pattern Designers wishing to share your creativity! Email me to be featured in our pattern designer Series! 🙂

Happy sewing!


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  1. We love having Agy in the nest at Facebook group Bowerbirds Journal. The group is a sustainable living on-line international community. Agy and me are interested in refashioning. She inspires me +++.

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