Gee….another weerk has just FLOWN by! Is it just me or do you feel like someone has speeded up the clock too? I remember when I was a kid in school….a whole year took forever to pass…and you couldn’t believe it when you have a whole 6 weeks of school holidays and they seemed like they went on forever…..HA! Not anymore…..6 weeks disapears when I blink! LOLL

Anyway….before another week disapears while I type………Today we have April Baylor of Sewing Novice sharing her thoughts on the Bernina 330…..I have always thought it would be cool to have a Bernina so I am keen to hear what she has to say! Over to you April:

Please share the brand name and model number:

Bernina 330

Bernina 330
Is your machine classed as Domestic or Industrial?


How long have you had this machine, did you buy it new and what was the purchase price or approximate price range?

I’ve had my machine since January of 2011. I purchased it brand new from my local quilt shop and if I remember correctly it was around $1200.
Bernina 330

What made you decide to buy this particular machine?
I decided on this machine for multiple reasons. First, I had a friend that loves her Bernina so that is why I even considered a Bernina. Second, it was so quiet when sewing on it. I went to a few different shops and the Berninas seemed to be the best quality.

I went back and forth on what to do since the price was so high and I was new to sewing. I was worried that I would like sewing as much as I thought I would and the machine wouldn’t get used as much as it should. Yeah, that isn’t the case. Because of the price, I wasn’t going to get a higher model and didn’t think I would need all of the other “stuff” that other machines offered.

My other deciding factor was that I liked the quilt shop. I felt that I would get great service and since they also had fabric and classes I figured I would be visiting fairly often.

You can read more about April’s decision to buy this machine here: http://sewingnovice.com/2011/01/12/the-decision/

Bernina 330

Approximately how often do you sew with it and what types of projects do you sew?
I used to sew more often than I do now. I now have a more demanding job outside of the home, so I’m more tired when I get home each night. Plus, I’m pregnant with my second child so that makes me more tired as well. But, I sew about a project a week on my machine.

Doll accessories

The projects that I sew range depending on what I’m feeling like I want to make. You can see all of my projects on my website….sewingnovice.com. I have made bags, clothes, toys…really anything that I feel that we need/want or looks like fun to make. With the baby on the way, I’m starting to think like a crazy lady and may try a quilt.

Messenger bag

Does your machine have any special features which you enjoy or any special features you do NOT like and drives you bonkers? LOL

There really aren’t any special features on my machine. It’s a pretty basic machine, but a feature that I use often is the needle up/down feature. I also move my needle from right to left a decent amount. Here is a post that I did about all of the features on my machine and just my machine in general.

Bernina 330

This isn’t a feature of the machine, but I love my walking foot and highly suggest getting one. Most people think they are mainly for quilting, but I use mine for just about everything I sew. I honestly don’t remember the last time I used another foot. I even keep my walking foot on for inserting zippers.

Bernina 330

I can’t think of any feature that I don’t like, or anything that I’m missing. I guess if I don’t have the feature, that could also be why I’m not missing it.

How about features it does have BUT you find you never use? Example decorative stitches etc

I rarely use the decorative stitches. I actually use the overlock stitch more often that I thought I would. Well, not so much now that I have a serger. I can’t really think of any other features that I don’t use. Probably because I mainly know the features that I actually do use. LOL

Car cozy

Would you recommend this machine to others and if not, why?
Yes, I would definitely recommend this machine. I have had little to no issues with it. I haven’t found anything that I can’t sew on this machine. It easily pulls thicker material through it. Which is convenient when making bags.

Retro Bag

If your machine suddenly vanished, would you replace it with the exact same machine or a different one? Why?

I would have to do some research, but I’m happy with my machine, so I would probably buy the same one again. The only reason for the research would be to see if I want to spend more and get one with other features, such as embroidery or maybe a wider “throat”. Is that what it’s called between the needle and body part of the machine? But I definitely think I would stick with a Bernina.

Do you have any special projects you made with this machine you would like to share with us here?

Everything I have shared on my blog (sewingnovice.com) has been made using this machine.

Any Sewing Machine hints or tips you would like to share?
I shared my walking foot tip earlier. 🙂 Be sure to keep your machine clean and oiled. If you aren’t sure how, then find a local shop that can help you. Change needles often. Get to know your machine and don’t be afraid of it. Make projects that you want to make and you will quickly know your machine.

If you won the lottery and could add ANY new machine to your collection, which one would it be?

I’m not sure on a specific machine, but I would probably add an embroidery machine or maybe a coverstitch machine.

Find out more about April here:



Thanks for an interesting review April! 🙂 I think I am adding a Bernina to my list of “must have one one day” machines! LOL

Our next review will be of an Industrial Machine – the Zoje ZJ0302CX! I have a Zoje too (just a slightly dfferent model) and I love mine! (Yes…I will do a review on mine too, now that I have actually had some time to USE it! LOL I just have to get my pattern for the Bag of the Month Club done first! EEEK…the clock is ticking!)

The Zoje’s aren’t particularly well known yet though…..which may be a good thing because they can be quite a bit cheaper than some of the better known brands BUT DO they do the job? You bettcha! 😉


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  1. If that machine makes bags and toy car bag holders, of course I would recommend this! Oh Bernina you work wonders…thanks for sharing 🙂 P.S. I think i may have to trade in my old one for this one.

  2. Gosh Christine I want to run out and test all these machines that have been reviewed, even though I don’t need another machine. Lol!!!

  3. Love the review and adore all the projects April has made. They all look so professionally made especially the bags. I’m off to Aprils blog now to have a bit more of a nosy.

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