It’s THAT time again…..Time I need YOUR help to choose a name for my next pattern….a large tote bag which is easy and quick to make AND loaded with features too!

This spacious tote features 5 exterior slip pockets, 1 exterior twist lock pocket, a recessed zipper closure, an interior zipper pocket, two slip pockets and a pen pocket. Of course the addition of a twist lock, rivets (optional), bag feet, rings and cute hooks on the straps makes this tote look so professional too!

Approx. size: 41cm W X 31cm H X 11.5cm D. (16″ W X 12″ H x 4½” D.)

Next Pattern to be released - a new Tote bag by ChrisW Designs

NO…that isn’t binding on the pockets and the top edge of the bag…there is a MUCH easier way to get that look! LOL

New Tote bag Pattern by ChrisW Designs

I am offering the soon to be newly released pattern…. PLUS a hardware kit, both FREE of charge to whomever suggests the name I choose for the bag! (Yes I will post it to you anywhere in the world!)

Hardware for the New Tote Pattern!

To enter simply leave your name (Or names!) suggestion in the comment section below! PLEASE leave your name ….PLUS….and this is REALLY important…a method of contacting you should you win!….HINT: I am leaning towards a name other than a persons name and not one describing the fabric! 😉

Competition closes Saturday 31st may 2014! ………….and I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! 😉

Pattern Testing?

Are you a newbie bag maker? I am looking for a couple of testers relatively NEW to making bags BUT with some sewing experience under your belt to test this tote pattern. i.e you should be familiar with common sewing terms and how to use your sewing machine BUT must have only made one or two bags prior! If so, please email me (Please do not comment below!)

Testing involves me emailing you the PDF pattern for FREE and then you will have one to two weeks to complete the bag using your own supplies. You do need to be nit picky about my instructions…telling me what you don’t understand and let me know any typos you may find etc. Be HONEST….BUT telling me what a great pattern I have made is not helpful! LOLL

I need constructive criticism PLUS when you are finished, please send me a couple of quality photos and supply me with any feedback you may have! Note that other than the FREE pattern and my many thanks and gratitute, there is no formal payment as such. EEEK…I am not that RICH…I wish I was! LOLLL The bag of course, remains YOUR property and you will also receive a copy of the corrected and released pattern which you can use over and over again!

Anyone with more experience interested in testing is also most welcome to email me to be added to my ‘backup’ tester list! I like to have at least a dozen sewists testing each pattern BUT sometimes due to other commitments etc, my regular testers are not able to participate so it is nice to have extra’s I can call on too….PLUS I like to choose at least ONE person new to testing my patterns each time I have a new pattern! 🙂

Thanks everyone! 🙂


P.S. Please forgive me for not personally replying/commenting on all the comments and name suggestions for this post….if I did, I would be here all day instead of working on finishing up the pattern! LOLL….BUT rest assurred I READ and appreciate every single one of them! 🙂 Thank you!


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  1. This should be the “Camilla”. Simply because my Camilla will take posession of it to make it her cave to live in. She’s an elderly turtle shell kitty, who loves my bags to hide in. This one will be purrrfect for her! 😀

  2. the go anywhere bag…this looks like you could take it to the office or out for the weekend… I LOVE bigger bags!

  3. The Swing ‘n’ Style Tote
    (those handles look like it could swing, and it’s stylish!)

  4. I’m going to use mine for secret fabric shopping because the size is perfect and has loadssssss of pockets to hide things. How about The Crafty Hideaway.

  5. Chic Commuter Tote! Looks like it would be a great size to take on the train to work to carry all the bits you might need for the day.

  6. The “SOMEWHERE BAG” —or—
    The “MY MISSION BAG”—or—
    …as in it’s in here, I have a place now to put it somewhere- – I have so much room now, so many pockets- it’s here, it’s right here…
    …as in I’m a woman who knows where I am, and where I’m going and I’m on a Mission…
    …as in this is a bag that works here and now…no matter where here is and what’s happening now…
    Lovely bag Chris! Can’t wait for the pattern!
    -Kathy Benes

  7. Central Park or Magnificent Mile. The Cranbrook has a nice ring, too. I am imagining it on my shoulder as I travel. Beautiful bag.

  8. Instantly came to mind, “The Tote About”. I would love to test this bag. I’m a more seasoned bag maker but have never made one of your bags and would love to try it!

  9. Good Afternoon Christine, This is fun…. you have made a beautiful bag and as soon as I saw it I thought of the name ‘Summer Loving’ . Summer because I see it as a summer bag and ‘Loving’ because I am loving the bag.
    I then looked took a second look and the name “Purple Haze” came into my mind. ‘Purple’ because there is a lot of purple and ‘Haze’ because the pink looks a little haze against the purple.
    Good luck to everyone.
    Best Wishes

  10. How about the All You Need Bag, or The Pro and Go. I does look very professional and when i get my hands on the pattern i’m going to make one for my daughter to use for her business. It looks like it will hold everything she needs. She would also love the colors and print you used.

  11. The Francesca. She is a dancer and this would hold a lot of gear on the go. Pretty fabric

  12. Hideaway tote, because there are so many pockets to hide away your stuff in

  13. The Something For Everyone Bag. Love the design and all the pockets! Have a great week!

  14. That’s cute! Maybe the New England tote. All around town tote. Out and about tote. Leaving my email. Thanks!!

  15. I think it looks like a very useful style that could be made into a beach bag, diaper bag, shopper etc. etc. so how about ‘Versatility Tote’
    Whatever name gets chosen I shall definitely be making one …or more! 🙂

  16. The Down Under Wonder…not just for the obvious Aussie reference, but because with all those pockets, you can stash so much down under. I like the idea of using if for fabric hiding (from the hubby) I know I have to do that occasionally (or all the time).
    I also like “The Passenger or The Passenger Tote” because I love a big tote, but my family tends to make fun of how my bag needs its own car seat…kids in the back, bag in the Passenger side. They appreciate that I always have what they need in there though!
    Great pattern, can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  17. The Classic Stuff and Go Tote Love the bag Christine and would love to test this one too!

  18. Geometry comes to mind when I see it. So…
    Geo Toteo
    Angle Fangle
    Rad Radial Bag
    Prism Purse
    Pi Carrier

  19. That bag reminds me of the high class ladies I see working in NYC – so I would call it the Up-Town Chic!

  20. What a beautiful bag! I’d call it “Locked and Loaded” of “Coast to Coast.”

  21. Love it. I’d call it “spring lightning”
    My first look made me think of lightning and the blossoms announce spring.

  22. I would call it “The Urban Tote” or “The Metro Tote”, because it’s perfect for a busy woman rushing around the city doing it all!

  23. What about “The Career Tote”? It looks like it would hold an iPad, netbook, a large notebook, etc, nicely. Lots of great pockets for a cell phone or reading glasses. It would make a great gift for a professional woman on the go!

  24. “Tweet” as the bird reminds me of the dawn chorus with the birds sitting on the spring blossom branches.

  25. How about Bellisimo or Bella Beach Bag. Whatever here name she is fabulous..x

  26. I bet Jacqueline Kennedy, who loved classic style, would use a tote like this while ‘showcasing’ the arts at the White House. Name it “The Showcase.”

  27. The Haul It All Tote, The Totetastic Tote, or get fancy with some Latin and have the Portare Totus (literally translated means Carry All)

  28. Judy Beaman Travelers Delight as roomy enough to travel and only need the one bag

  29. The Wall Street. A hip professional bag for the fashionista in a pinstripe suit…..

  30. Wow It’s beautiful and big enough to take to college or shopping lol
    Names uummm I’m very bad at this haha maybe “College girl” or “City Shopper”

  31. High Volume Tote.
    Turn up the Volume Tote
    Hold Me Now
    Higher Degree Tote
    Square One Tote
    Textbook Case
    Carry The One
    Around the World Tote
    Hemisphere Hold-All
    Tropic of Capricorn
    Edge of the World
    Get in Line
    Line of Sight
    Envy Me Tote
    (I can’t resist) Kitchen Sink Tote… can hold everything AND the kitchen sink.

  32. The Promenade as in both a noun and a verb…TO promenade(verb) is to walk/stroll and THE promenade (noun) is usually a boardwalk to walk/ stroll on…very appropriate for a bag this size. It also make the bag sound impressive and special..without resorting to a name that is a womens/mens name–(a trend which is a little overused right now if you ask me).

  33. Autumn Passion. This is a grown up bag – practical (with feet!) and stylish.

  34. looks totes awesome Chris! Can’t wait for this pattern. “Essential Tote”

  35. I would call it “Simply Peace”. It has what appears the the vision of nothing that would be irritable contraptions .

  36. “Got the Lot Tote”
    “Lotsa Tote”
    “Lotty Tote”
    “Pocket Rulz Tote”
    “Lotsa Pocketz Tote”

  37. The Pack and Go Tote or The All Day Tote or The Every Day Tote. I think The Every Day Tote is my favorite since you can use it every day to carry whatever is on the Agenda for that day! I love the pockets!

  38. This bag is so nice, has clean lines and looks important. Sleek and chic, so I am going to say the Executive Tote.
    Meghancunha (at) gmail (dot) com

  39. Branching out or out on a limb would be easy for people to find again when searching for it on the internet They would remember the fabric of this great style bag!

  40. I love this bag to take with me and show off anywhere I go this summer! So the name that I think that will fit perfectly is Summer Crush.

  41. “My Life is in Here” bag. That’s what I always said about my various deep purses with lots of pockets. Or “My Life” bag with the rest being understood.

  42. I would call it the Roo Tote because of all the pockets and I do love Winnie the Pooh! LOL

  43. The “Girl Friday Tote” Your go to Bag when you need to take care of all your business, efficiently and in style.

  44. The ‘Handy Haven’ bag! – a safe place to store lots of hidden goodies! Great bag 🙂

  45. Just realized I didn’t leave a contact method.. email is wdhandbags at gmail dot com 🙂

  46. For me, this would be the All Around Town Tote. I haven’t read all the comments yet so hopefully that one isn’t taken yet. 🙂

  47. The Take It All Tote or Spring into Summer Tote. Love the Fabric and colors.

  48. Sweet Secrets Bag (because of all the fun pockets!)
    Hide N’ Seek Tote
    Sweet Embrace Bag (something about those handles make me think of an embrace)
    Playful & Pretty Tote (this bag seems sassy to me, but I tried to think of another word for sassy since you already have a Snazzy Slouch pattern)
    The Tidy Tote
    Good luck finding a name you love! I purchased your Sugar & Spice pattern the other day (my first of your patterns) and am excited to begin cutting my fabric for it this weekend. I am a lover of patterns with lots of organization and pockets, so I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up buying this new one too, unless I’m LUCKY enough to win it!! 🙂

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