OK….without further delay…..Introducing the Stow It All Tote:

The Stow It All

The STOW IT ALL tote is the perfect sized tote for a day out shopping, with plenty of pockets to keep you organised while you shop! This spacious tote features 5 exterior slip pockets, 1 exterior twist lock pocket, a recessed zipper closure, an interior zipper pocket, 2 slip pockets and a pen pocket. Of course the addition of a twist lock, rivets (optional), bag feet, rings and cute hooks on the straps makes this tote look so professional!

Approx. size: 41cm W X 31cm H X 11.5cm D. (16″ W X 12″ H x 4½” D.)

Interior of the Stow It All - A ChrisW Designs PDF sewing pattern

The Stow It All’s nice roomy interior!

Let’s take a look at some really AWESOME testers bags! First cab off the rank was Daryl of Patchouli Moon Studio:

The Stow It All by Patchouli Moon Studio

Just gotta love these fabrics! Back view:

The Stow It All

Awesome recessed zipper:

The Stow It All

Room for the kitchen sink?

The Stow It All
Next up we have Robin of Robin’s Fabric Nest:

The Stow It All by Robin Sheaffer

Awesome job on the recessed zipper!

The Stow It All

I love the punch of red inside!

Recessed Zipper of the Stwo It All Tote

Marilyn of Shades Of Bold:

Marilyn's Stow It All Tote!

Marilyn used a prequilted fabric and isn’t it just gorgeous? (I wouldn’t have known it was prequilted if she didn’t confess! LOL)

The Stow It All Tote!

Interior View

Next up is Trish’s very vibrant Stow It All Tote! Don’t you just love these goegeous fresh colours?

The Stow It All by Trish!
MAN this interior is just GORGEOUS!

Trish's Stow It All interior
The Stow It All Tote

Next up we have Kay’s Stow It All tote. Can you believe Kay is a beginner bag maker? What a fabulous job and Kay’s fabric choices are awesome too!

The Stow It All by Kay Piehl
What a gorgeous interior!

Stow It All Tote

Next up we have Lorena Rey of My Way Of….

The Stow It All Tote by Lorena Rey
I really love Lorena’s fabric choices and the interior is just gorgeous!

The Stow It All Tote

Here’s a shot of the bag feet:

Stow It All Tote

At one point Lorena found a spiderman in her sewing machine ….when she asked her son (4 years old) why he was there, he told her that spiderman is very strong and he can help her! Isn’t that adorable! LOLL

Spiderman to the rescue!!

Sue of Dreamscape Studio made this gorgeous version:

Sue of Dreamscape Studio made this Stow It All Tote!
Isn’t it great that you can create a really unique tote just by your choices of fabric and placement!

The Stow It All Tote

Awesome interior:

The Stow It All Tote

Rachel of Tiger In A Tornado made this gorgeous version….aren’t these butterfly’s COOL? LOLRachel Anaya's Stow It All Tote

I love this interior:

The Stow It All Tote by ChrisW Designs

…and how gorgeous is this flap embroidery! (Note to myself – MUST start saving for an embroidery machine!)

The gorgeous embroidered flap on Rachel's Stow It All Tote

Next up we have Liz of Moments:

Liz of Moments made this Stow It All Tote

I love this punchy green zipper:

The recessed zipper
It wouldn’t be Liz’s bag if it didn’t have RED inside! LOL

Roomy Interior with a gorgeous dash or red!

Last but definitely not least is Maria of Mia Creates. Look closely….I challenge you to find just ONE wonky stitch! LOLLLMaria's Stow It All Tote!

Maria chose to divide her back pocket into two instead of the suggested three!

Back view of the Stow It All Tote!

When Maria didn’t have the rings on hand, she came up with her own solution! How nifty, don’t you agree?Awesome Strap Loops!

Interior view of Maria's Stow It All Tote

I love what Maria did to her gussets!

Side view!
Maria has a giveaway happening right NOW for some really AWESOME nickle zip ends in a super cute little pouch so be sure to pop accross to Mia Creates and enter for your chance to WIN! 🙂

Zip ends

These would look AWESOME on the Stow It All Tote!

So there you have it….some really GROOVY Stow It All Totes…..don’t you agree? I would love to run off with them ALL! LOL

Many thanks goes out to my wonderful testers and my proof Reader Rochelle of of esheep designs. Thanks to these fabulous people I feel confident I am bringing you a quality pattern as free of errors as I can possibly make it! 🙂

So are you feeling inspired and ready to sew? …You can find the pattern for the Stow It All Tote in my pattern shop HERE!

Happy Sewing!


The Stow It All Tote

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  1. OMG they are all fabulous! I especially love the one with the butterflies and embroidery on the flap. Well worth waiting for the release, they are amazing.

  2. Great pattern! So many possibilities! Everyone did a great job. Love the idea of using embroidery and appliqué to personalize the bag.

  3. Love this pattern Chris and all the testers samples. THey are beautiful! Thanks for allowing me to give it a try………..need to go make some more now 🙂

  4. They all look so different but beautiful. Now I can see why you wanted to do the Photography Contest, there aren’t any people in theses photos, although there are some really cool dummies.

  5. Good luck with your pattern sales Christine. I always enjoy testing your bags and putting my own touches on them. That’s the beauty of making your own bags because you can tweak them to your own needs, like not dividing the outside pockets so that’s it’s one large pocket or diving the pockets in half or in thirds to use as you prefer. Then there are the fabric choices that can make any bag look different.

  6. Thanks for letting me test, I love this bag and it is a great size! You do need an embroidery machine, it’s better than watching tv for entertainment! LOL!

  7. So right Daryl…..you have hit the nail on the head with EXACTLY why I started making my own bags in the first place! 🙂 Thanks again for your help with testing this tote! 🙂

  8. Loved all of them! I too am saving for an embroidery machine. One of these days.
    How does one sign up to be a pattern tester? That sounds awesome!

  9. I don’t how I missed this earlier. Beautiful totes and a lovely blue point siamese kitty!

  10. I love this pattern! It is going to make a great laptop bag that I desperately need!!
    P.S. Your kitty cat is beautiful also!!

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