Hi everyone…..some of you already know that I have been SNOWED under (Well, it certainly feels like it!) with a lot of happenings at home so I am sooo far behind in my work it isn’t funny! That’s life I guess! I do apologise for the absense of Bag Brag Tuesday ….I’ll get that happening again as soon as I can BUT…..more pressing is my new tote pattern….

Kenny and my new tote bag!

Kenny and my new tote bag!

Speaking of my new tote pattern….Yes it IS coming, I promise….even if I have to sit up all night with matchsticks holding my eyelids open…I’ll get it done soon….!

I DO know that some of you were planning on making it to enter into the bag photo competition I have running right now and since I have let you all down with the delay in releasing it….I have decided to extend the competition until the end of the month! Hopefully that will give you some time to make it and get your camera clicking!

Sugar & spice - shades of bold

Bella – Photo by Marilyn of Shades of Bold!

It’s going to be REALLY hard to choose a winner with more great photos popping in each day now! 🙂

Ok….enough chatting….back to my pattern editing….I want it to be PERFECT before you see it! LOL


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  1. I was wondering why there were new photos after I put mine in, I thought I was the last minute girl and look at that I could have taken even more photos to have a even more hard time in just picking one, lol, I won’t change my mind, but you have a tough job ahead. Good Luck.

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