No….time doesn’t stand still and yes, I have been busy sewing! I’ve been lucky enough to receive some GORGEOUS fabrics from Sara of Sew Sweetness. The fabrics are from her new “Jungle Ave” fabric collection….a limited edition line of fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics.

Jungle Ave Fabrics

I have to say that I absolutely LOVE these fabrics….and I am not just saying that! LOL Not only are the cottons really beautiful to work with BUT Sara’s choices of colours and patterns in this fabric is just so AWESOME and eye catching and really do make up beautifully!

There are 8 prints in the collection….while I have only used just two of them…I have to admit that as soon as I had them in my hands I went online and ordered another 3 prints! LOL So make sure you check out the rest of the collection, which also includes 2 knits and a voile!

I’ve been working on my next pattern which is a laptop bag and will include two sizes and so I thought it would be a nice project to make up in Sara’s fabrics……here’s a sneak peak at the smaller bag which will hold a 13″ laptop:

Laptop Bag in Jungle Ave Fabrics!

The exterior sports the Jungle Ave “Floral Asphalt” which I teamed with a coordinating solid I had in my stash.

Front view

As you can see the bag closes with a hook and D ring but what you can’t see is that hidden under this flap is a main compartment for your laptop….free of any intrusions so you don’t get any scratches on that nice shiney laptop exterior…..

Also hidden under the flap is a large slip pocket for your papers or a book, with a smaller slip pocket inside it which includes a pen pocket…..plus two extra slip pockets for things like your battery charger and cord or mouse etc.

Interior sporting Word of the Street Jungle Ave Fabric

Don’t you just looooove an interior which packs a punch? I know I do ….no boring drab interiors for me……and this Jungle Ave “Word on the Street” is the perfect choice for a laptop bag interior which is definitely not dull and boring!

Interior Laptop Bag

Spin the bag around and at the back….which could also pass as the front, is another flap, closing with a magnetic snap and hiding an iPad pocket!

iPad Pocket

Side View of the Laptop Bag in Jungle Ave Fabrics!

Sporting an adjustable strap you can wear this bag across the body or over the shoulder….

Laptop bag in Jungle Ae Fabrics by Sara of Sew Sweetness

I am so thrilled that Sara asked me to share her gorgeous fabrics with you and I also got to share a sneak peak of my next pattern with you too….win win!

Jungle Ave fabrics
Happy Sewing! 🙂


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  1. I lost count of all of the pockets…all I know is that makes it a true Chris W Designs pattern!! Cute bag, Christine. I love that fabric, too.

  2. I got a couple of the prints from the collection. I love that they feel very soft too. Your pattern is great. Of course it has lots of pockets; is your design!! Something very good I see is that is mostly vertical. I like that!! The flaps are beautiful!!

  3. Amazing pattern!! Pockets did you say, it wouldn’t be a Christine design if it didn’t have pockets. It looks gorgeous in those fabrics. I quickly got out my tape measure and measured my laptop, perfect size so now I’m going to start thinking of fabrics and I’m not doing brown LOLL. Can’t wait

  4. Love the bright and happy colors, and this is perfect timing, my oldest just got her own laptop and will need a bag for it!! She’s been trying to convince me to make her a Stow it All tote, but I bet she’ll love this bag more!

  5. I really like the fabric choices for this bag–the pink solid is just right! It’s also a neat design because it’s double sided–either side looks good to be shown out–
    I’m glad you’ve had some sewing machine time. It’s fun to see another new (soon to come) design!

  6. Ooooh love that bag. You must have read my mind… I have been thinking it would make sense to design a ‘portrait’ layout for a laptop bag. I am surpassed no one seems to have done it before now. Great minds think alike… (best we don’t finish that thought)
    Love that bright floral fabric. It really works well for the bag.

  7. Hi Norma….yes I actually experimented with vertical and horizontal laptop bag ideas and I found the vertical just happens to be a lot easier from a usage point of view….the laptop just seems to be a lot easier to get in and out when inserting vertically, especially in the larger laptop size that I have but even the smaller size my daughter has, it just seems to be easier!…..so…..that’s why I chose that orientation! LOL The flaps are a great way to frame and really show off the gorgeous fabric too! 🙂

  8. LOLLLL I am really going to be called “The Pocket Lady” if I keep this up! Admittedly I can’t help myself….I am ADDICTED to pockets! Thankfully most of the time it is really easy to just leave them off if someone doesn’t like so many pockets! LOLLLL

  9. Krista I couldn’t believe my luck when I realised I had just the right colour in my stash! I was originally going to put black where the pink is BUT on playing around with it, it was soon very apparent that the pink was perfect to pack a punch! LOLL Yes i too like a bag that looks good back and front because nine times out of ten I pick it up with the back to the front! LOLLL

  10. Hey Christine, I discovered your post over at the linky party on A Creative Princess. In addition to the vibrant print of this bag, what I like most about this bag is it’s shape. Most computer bags are wide and landscape-style, but I like that this bag is more narrow and portrait style. Thanks for sharing this recipe Christine!
    Anyway, I hope that you’ll check out my latest project here (http://youtu.be/uhRB1PmO61A) and let me know what you think. All the best.

  11. Thanks for stopping by Shania…yes…..you are correct, there aren’t many laptop bags with the vertical orientation….not that I know of anyway! LOL ..I had a peek at your links….Great work! I’ll have to show my daughter….she loves to sew skirts! 🙂

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