Now I have to admit I always enjoy a break from working on my patterns….just for the sake of sanity!….I usually turn to something where someone else has done the hard work so I don’t have to think too much…..or I’ll make something that is super fast for some quick gratification! Besides….what is more FUN than a project that you can put together in less than half an hour? LOLLL

Today I am sharing one such project! ….and SURPRISE! It isn’t even a bag or wallet! LOL

After having finally finished up work on my laptop bag pattern….I needed something nice and easy and quick….and since Daniar had already asked me if I would like to join in on making this and I had accepted…it was perfect timing….and the perfect choice to follow on from my laptop bag….PLUS I have to admit that I have never really had a go at patchwork ….so here was an easy introduction! LOLLL

The Coffee Koozie is a FREE pattern provided by The Fat Quarter Shop. (My Sponsor). All you need to complete this project is one Mini Charm Pack and a few other bits and pieces from your stash.

These are so darn cute! LOL

Charm Pack

Of course you can get the cute Charm Packs at the Fat Quarter Shop.

It was SO weird for me to prepare AND assemble something in less than half an hour….truly….that felt so GOOOOD! LOLLLL I even made two of them!

My Coffee Koozies

And here’s the cool part……you can evenΒ watch a video on youtubeΒ on how to make your Coffee Koozie! So if you too would like to make one, grab your FREE pattern HERE!

The Fat Quarter Shop Logo

Happy Sewing!

Coffee Koozie shared with a friend! :)


  1. Love fast projects. And if you have scraps galore like I do, it’s a great project for using up your scraps too. Did the patchwork/quilting bug bite you Christine?

  2. YES….I have scraps coming out my EARS!!! PLUS YES….I am soooooo much wanting to do some more patchwork/quilting that I am bursting at the seams…..all I need is some TIME…..alas that keeps disappearing faster than my teenagers at washing up time! LOLLLL

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