Yes… is time again to choose a name for my next pattern….AND as usual I am yelling out to you all for HELP! LOL

Laptop Bag by ChrisW Designs

Here’s some info about my next pattern, a Laptop Bag:

The Laptop Bag comes in two sizes, with plenty of storage pockets to keep you organised! This spacious padded laptop bag boasts a front flap closing with a hook and D ring hiding a large exterior slip pocket perfect for paperwork, which has a smaller slip pocket and pen pocket inside.

There are also two large pleated slip pockets which are perfect to house your laptop charger and cords. A Large main pocket houses a 17” laptop in the larger bag and a 13” laptop in the smaller bag. It is free from any other pockets so your laptop doesn’t risk getting any scratches or external damage from rubbing!

Turn the bag around and you have another pleated pocket with flap, which is padded and closes with a magnetic snap, perfect for your iPad. Complete with an adjustable strap and an optional grab strap so you can carry it across the body, over the shoulder or just grab the Grab Strap for a quick getaway….

Approx. size: SMALL: 26.6cm W X 38cm H X 4cm D. (10 1/2″ W X 15″ H x 1½” D.)
LARGE: 30.5cm W X 45cm H X 4cm D. (12″ W 17 3/4″ H X 1 1/2″ D.)

Both sizes of the new Laptop Bag

So what do I need from YOU?….A NAME suggestion! LOL In return I am offering one lucky winner a PDF copy of the soon to be newly released pattern…. PLUS a hardware kit, both FREE of charge to whomever suggests the name I choose for the bag! (Yes I will post it to you anywhere in the world!)

Hardware kit for the Laptop Bag

To enter simply leave your name (Or names!) suggestion in the comment section below! PLEASE leave your name ….PLUS….and this is REALLY important…a method of contacting you should you win!….HINT: I am leaning towards a name other than a persons name and not one describing the fabric! 😉

Competition closes Saturday 30th August 2014! ………….and since I have NO ideas for a name for this bag, I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! 😉

Here’s a view of the back which is sporting a padded pocket perfect for an iPad:

Large version of the Laptop bag

Back view

Don’t you just LOVE those elephants? That fabric is from Sara of Sew Sweetness new “Jungle Ave” fabric collection….a limited edition line of fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics. I absolutely LOVE the colours in this fabric….absolutely GORGEOUS!

The pattern is off on it’s way for proof reading and testing so watch for the release coming very soon…..

Thanks for your help everyone! 🙂


P.S. Please forgive me for not personally replying/commenting on all the comments and name suggestions for this post….if I did, I would be here all day instead of working on finishing up the pattern! LOLL….BUT rest assurred I READ and appreciate every single one of them! 🙂 Thank you!

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  1. “It’s About Time” or “Finally” because bags to hold 17″ laptops are impossible to find! Can’t wait to make this!

  2. What a great bag. Well done with this design, it definitely looks like another winner!
    With all those pockets for laptop, ipad, phone, cables and such, I’d have to suggest naming it ‘All tech’d out’, because it gives you the means to take your technology out with you!☺

  3. What about ‘The Urban Explorer’ or the ‘Tech Savvy Tote’ or maybe the ‘Geeky Hipster’ or ‘The Inner Geek’. Good luck choosing and I love the design by the way!

  4. I like your idea, but since I first saw it as Toe-go maybe spelling it with a couple of uppercase letters would help people pronounce it correctly? ToGo Tote. Best of luck.

  5. Buckle Up and Go
    Go Tech
    Tech HQ
    Tidy Tech
    Gadget Garage
    Corporate Carry
    Gizmo Garage

  6. this may be a bit out there but what about…….artificial intelligence tote…..or abacus processor transporter 2014……..brain in a bag…….brain pouch……carry your brain……artificial intelligence will travel….ran these by my comp-sci college son and he liked the artificial intelligence will travel. I didn’t look at different fonts but that could make it more appealing and maybe even a name on the bag. had fun coming up with different ideas. thanks for putting my brain to work this afternoon!

  7. Lap Tech Infinity bag,
    The Galaxy Time Traveller.
    Laptop(s) & Stuff Lug-around
    Dynamic Duals Techy Messenger

  8. I love your bag!
    possible names:
    High-tech Tote
    Porta Pockets Plus
    The Grab n Go
    That’s My Bag
    In The Bag

  9. It’s Essential Bag
    The Classy Professional or Classy Pro or Classy Professional
    Essential Laptop Bag
    The Elegant Laptop Bag
    Laptop Essentials and More
    Laptop Essential
    Office Power
    The Classy Laptop
    Classy Office Bag

  10. 1. Go Study Bag
    2. The Com Bag or The ComLap Bag……as in Communication Laptop Bag
    3. Everywhere Tech Bag

  11. Just love your designs! Already such great suggestions. How about..Bring It..or..Tech To Go..I’m sure whatever name you choose will be perfect.

  12. Don’t think these have been suggested yet… how about Travel’n Tech Tote or Tech Tools Travel Bag?
    By the way, Christine, if you’ve had a chance to merge your docs together, you can send me what you have again for a final look-see. 🙂

  13. It looks like something I would have carried when I was living in Chicago, (especially with the more secure hook), so I’ll suggest the Grant Park Tote. Or just the City Park tote if you don’t want to be specific.

  14. Hi, Christine!! Great looking bag! Ok-here are my suggestions:
    The Grab-It-All Tech Bag
    The Grab-N-Go Tech Bag
    The Go-Go-Gadget Bag (loved In Inspector Gatchet cartoon!)
    The Gotcha Gadget Bag
    The Sidewinder Tech Bag (my husband’s idea):)
    The Aussie Tech Bag or Aussie Laptop Bag
    Have a great weekend!

  15. What immediately caught my eye about this bag is that the laptop rides in the bag sideways, or on end. I carry a 17″ laptop around for business, and I struggle along with this huge bag that feels like I have a small canoe under my arm… I love this endwise concept!
    My name suggestion comes from the way in which programmers describe a particularly well planned and concise piece of programming code. They call it elegant.
    So my name suggestions reflect that:
    Slim Elegance
    Slim & Elegant
    très élégante (pretty sure this is universally recognized as Very Elegant)
    High Tech
    All Business
    I will definitely be giving this one a try whether I win the pattern or not! Have been very much looking forward to this pattern.

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