WOOHOO….I am soooo happy that I can now bring you this laptop bag! As per usual, I ended up complicating this for myself by adding extras to the pattern instead of just leaving as is and finishing it off! LOL

This time it is in the form of extra sizes. Yep, this pattern includes both the pattern pieces AND cutting measurements for not one or two BUT THREE size variations so it is easier to make a laptop bag that is just the right size for your laptop!

The Gizmo Garage- A Pdf Pattern for a Laptop bag with 3 sizes

This has been a true learning curve for me! I soon found out not all laptops are created equal and no matter what the manufacturers ‘size’ specifies, the laptops vary greatly in actual product dimensions! So with this in mind, I have created a sizing guide to help you choose which bag size best suits YOUR laptop! The sizing guide comes included with the pattern BUT you can download it by clicking here so you can check if your laptop is going to fit one of the sizes provided!

Ok….Now for some info about the pattern! 🙂


The Gizmo Garage comes in three sizes, with plenty of storage pockets to keep you organised! This spacious laptop bag boasts a front flap closing with a hook and D ring, hiding a large exterior slip pocket (perfect for paperwork) that has a smaller slip pocket and pen pocket inside.

There are also two big pleated slip pockets, perfect for housing your laptop charger and cords. The main opening houses up to a 17” laptop in the larger version of the bag and up to a 15” laptop in the medium version and up to a 13” in the small version. Please refer to sizing guide to help you choose the correct size for your laptop! This main area is free from any other pockets to protect your laptop from scratches or external damage due to rubbing!

Turn the bag around and you’ll see another padded pleated pocket with magnetic snap flap closure, perfect for your iPad. Comes complete with an adjustable shoulder strap (as well as a grab strap) so you can carry it multiple ways, or just grab and go.

Approx. size of SMALL version: W 21.5cm X H 35.5cm X D 5cm. (W 8 1/2″ X H 14″ X D 2″)
Approx. size of MEDIUM version: W 24cm x H 40.5cm x D 5cm. (W 9 ½” X H 16” X D 2″)
Approx. size of LARGE version: W 26cm X H 43cm X D 5cm. (W 10 1/4″ X H 17″ X D 2″)

The Gizmo Garage

Front view…

I used Aurifil #40 thread to make all of my Gizmo Garage prototype bags and I must say Aurifil thread is AWESOME and no, I haven’t been paid to say that! LOL The particular sample shown in the above and below photos is from the Arizona collection by April Rhodes for Art Gallery Fabrics. I teamed it with a Robert Kaufmann denim, both of which I got from Hawthorne Threads.

Medium Gizmo Garage

Back view of iPad pocket
Interior View

Interior view…

Hardware can be obtained from Janelle of Emmaline Bags.

Handmade Script Label

Check out this great “Handmade” script label! Isn’t it FAB for adding that professional touch? You can get them from Janelle at Emmaline Bags!

OK….So let’s check out some tester photos! 🙂

This gorgeous bag is by Norma of Norma’s Bag Boutique:

The Gizmo Garage by Norma of Norma's bag Boutique

Don’t you just LOVE those owls?

Next up is Maria of Mia Creates. Maria never fails to impress with her fabulous stitchery!

Maria's version of the Gizmo Garage!

Don’t you just LOVE this red lining?

Next up is Liz’s (Moments) fabulous bag:

Liz's of moments - Gizmo Garage - a PDF sewing pattern

Next up is Lorena’s (My Way of…) version:

Lorena's version of the Gizmo Garage

Lorena chose bean bag fabric in Navy blue for the main fabric. I had never heard of bean bag fabric before. She tells me this is an water repellent fabric which is like canvas but is polyester instead of cotton. hmmmm…I may just have to give it a try sometime….that’s if i can find it1 LOL Her accent fabric is pleather in chocolate brown.

Next up is Marilyn of Shades of Bold:



Next up is Stacey of j♥s milani & co. ….This is just beautiful, don’t you agree?

The Gizmo Garage by Stacey
Next up is Simone….I just LOVE those Dragon Flys! (or is it flies? LOL)


Check out this gorgeous version by Rachel…..Rachel chose to add some embroidery to her bag! Awesome! I just invested in an embroidery machine, only it is still in it’s box because I just haven’t had time to play! Talk about FRUSTRATION! LOLLL

The Gizmo Garage by Rachel!
Next up is Stephanie of My Calico Heart. I think this version is gorgeous:

Stephanie's version of the Gizmo Garage - A PDF Bag sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs

I really LOVE greens! Patricia also used gorgeous greens for her version:

The Gizmo Garage laptop Bag by Patricia!
Next up is Dee…more greeen….oh I am lovin’ the greens right now! 🙂

Dee's version of the Gizmo Garage!

Last BUT definitely not least is Trish’s FUN summery version….

Trish's Gizmo garage laptop bag!

So that’s it! ….I truly LOVE each and every one of these bags! Many thanks goes out to my wonderful testers and my proof Reader Rochelle of of esheep designs. I really couldn’t do this job without these wonderful helpers! I am SOOOO lucky!! I feel confident I am bringing you a quality pattern as free of errors as I can possibly make it! 🙂

So now I hope you are feeling inspired and ready to sew up a storm? …You can find the pattern for The Gizmo Garage in my pattern shop HERE!

Happy Sewing!


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  1. Christine, I think I can hear a sigh of relief! This was a lot of work but the results are fabulous! Is always great to see the other testers versions. Everyone really did a great job. What fabulous fabrics they used!! Congratulations on another great pattern design!!

  2. Congratulations, Christine!!! The new pattern looks fantastic, and I know we will all enjoy it because of all the precise crafting/engineering and hard work you have poured into it. What a super idea to do a laptop/tablet bag, too!
    The testers’ bags are FABULOUS. Wonderful job, everyone! I can’t pick a favorite for myself because they’re all great!! What a treat to see. It’s always fun when Christine releases a pattern! 🙂

  3. Thanks for all of your hard work and extra attention to this one Christine. It is going to be the perfect size for everyone now. Love everyone’s bags.

  4. Thanks Norma….I really like seeing the testers bags! For me that is the BEST part of a new pattern release because it is so much FUN to see what fabric combinations everyone comes up with…..it’s funny there are so many with green this time! LOLLL must be something about this design that screams green! LOLL

  5. Thanks Krista! Yes and it was a lot of extra work to have 3 sizes BUT I think it really is a necessity because there are so many variations in laptop sizes! It’s harder than you think to come up with something that will suit most! I think I will definitely make something EASY next time! LOLLLL

  6. Thanks for all your hard work too Marilyn…..your eagle eye and helpful feedback is always very MUCH appreciated! You are one tester extraordinaire!….I certainly couldn’t do it without everyone’s help! 🙂

  7. Thanks for all your hard work too Marilyn…..your eagle eye and helpful feedback is always very MUCH appreciated! You are one tester extraordinaire!….I certainly couldn’t do it without everyone’s help! 🙂

  8. The Gizmo Garage is a fantastic achievement! It’s a truly excellent gadget bag (with a cool name). Another big hurdle crossed with a great result and your sanity still intact – congrats. 🙂
    I love seeing all the versions that the other testers come up with. I could have used my oyster clip for the closure after all… when I was fiddling with it and installing it, I noticed that it tended to turn 90 degrees and sit sideways. I didn’t have a clip like the one you had used so though that I would need to use something different. After seeing all the lovely bags done by the other testers I realise that I could have used my oyster clip and it looks perfectly fine regardless of which way it turns. Oh well, at least we know it works to adapt the pattern to use a push-lock.

  9. They all are beautiful and so differents !!!
    This is a great pattern Christine my husband is very happy and told me that you should design something for men LOLLL

  10. Thank you for all your lovely comments, Dee! 🙂 I am very happy with this bag actually….now it is soooooo much easier to lug my big laptop around! LOL
    As for hardware….YES….you can use so many different things really! There is definitely NO need to stick with the same hardware as I use….that is only an example and there are so many options out there to experiment with! Push locks are also a great option as are twist locks too 🙂

  11. Thanks Liz….and thank YOU for being a part of the team! All of you testers are worth your weight in GOLD! ONE day….when I am rich and famous with tons of $$ to splash around, I will ship a truck load of fabric your way! 🙂 We can dream, Right? LOLLLLLLL

  12. Yes I did! LOLLL Thanks Rochelle! I’ve been meaning to email you BUT things have been so full on here with getting the pattern launched and then the installation of new carpet etc….will attempt to email you properly tomorrow (Or the next day? HA! LOLLL)

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