Today we have a fun review with Natalie of Carry Hers By Natalie. Be sure to check out Natalie’s blog when you have finished reading this review…..she makes some really awesome bags! 🙂 BUT FIRST….Let’s see what Natalie thinks about her machine….over to you Natalie…

Please share the brand name and model number:

Reliable MSK-1541S

Reliable machine

Is your machine classed as Domestic or Industrial?

It is an Industrial, Walking Foot Machine.

Walking Foot

How long have you had this machine, did you buy it new and what was the purchase price or approximate price range?

I bought my machine new back in 2010. It was $1599.00 delivered and installed. Some places you pay extra for shipping & installation. He even carried down the motor for me.

What made you decide to buy this particular machine?

I started sewing leather purses, I could sew leather with my other machine but I wasn’t happy with it. So I started asking at the leather stores what they suggested I should look for in a machine. It was suggested to get an Industrial Walking Foot Machine as it can handle the leather, as well as the other textiles and fabrics I find to make totes from.

Once I started researching the Industrial Walking Foot Machine I knew that was what I wanted. Getting one here was a different story as local dealers kept trying to sell me a normal sewing machine with the walking foot attachment. I was able to get one local dealer to bring it in for me, that way he could set it up for me and service it if need be, otherwise I would have to take the machine to a dealer 2 hours away.

Sews 3 layers of leather

Approximately how often do you sew with it and what types of projects do you sew?

This is my go-to machine! I use it for sewing purses, totes whether they are made of leather or cotton, or something else that can be used for purses. I also use it for my quilting. All I have to do is change the needles and thread maybe change up the stitch length. I really didn’t think I would use this for all my sewing but it has become my only machine I use on a regular basics. Daily use? Practically.

Ipad Case

Does your machine have any special features which you enjoy or any special features you do NOT like and drives you bonkers? LOL

I love the knee lift for the presser-foot, you have to use it for this type of machine, so you can turn corners very fast as it raises the presser-foot. It doesn’t have any other bells and whistle that I don’t need as it is straight stitch only.

Teacher Tote

Are there any features you really wish your machine has BUT is lacking?

I do wish it had a better seam guide, as I had to mark the bed of the machine with marker.

Would you recommend this machine to others and if not, why?

I would recommend this machine for anyone who sew lots of purses and bags that are heavy weight or someone that sews upholstery canvas. Also if you want to have something that you can sew many different type of projects on this is a good machine for that. It is very comforting to know that heavy work is what this machine was specifically designed for. I would be very leery about using a lighter duty machine that says it can do leather vs. a machine that was designed to sew leather.


If your machine suddenly vanished, would you replace it with the exact same machine or a different one? Why?

I would replace it with the exact same machine.

Do you have any interesting stories to share about your machine? Example: It’s history….It was great grandmas, you learn to sew on it as a child etc.

My machine loves to try to sew through things that maybe other machines don’t want to sew through, just to see what the purses will look like. It sews through Aluminum cans like butter but that’s another story. If I ever “give it the gas” it sews very quickly and can be a little unnerving how fast it does go.


Do you have any special projects you made with this machine you would like to share with us here?

I have a Messenger Bag that I made last year to take to the Sewing Summit in Salt Lake City. I make up a lot of my own patterns to sew so I whipped up this Red Leather Messenger Bag for the trip. I took extra time adding the computer pocket and a key fob into the bag. I think my favourite thing was sewing a Maple Leaf design on the front just by outlining it in thread.

Messenger Bag by Natalie of Carry Hers By Natalie

This is the link to my post on my blog, complete with pictures!

My other project that I had fun sewing this last year on the machine was a Mini Quilt for Windham Fabrics Mini Quilt Challenge. It would be on display in their booth at the International Quilt Market in Pittsburgh. At the end of the Market, I found out that my Quilt won the Challenge. I had paper pieced and quilted the mini on this machine.


Any Sewing Machine hints or tips you would like to share?

Oil your machine regularly. If you are in the market for a Industrial Walking Foot Machine, do your research by asking lots of questions about sewing machines that are available for what you want to sew. Know what you want and stick to your guns. If you know what you want, don’t let them sell you something that is prettier and doesn’t have enough power for what you need. It took me awhile to get all my information together. The people at the leather store were very helpful as they were not trying to sell me a sewing machine. So when I kept going into sewing machine dealers that kept trying to sell me regular machines with a removable walking foot I knew that it wouldn’t work for what I wanted.

I now have a machine that I know it will not need to be upgraded.

Also get to know the sewing machine dealer that sold it to you. My guy found me a piping foot that would fit on my machine. They don’t make piping feet for this machine it was from his junk drawer of parts but he knew it would fit my machine.


If you won the lottery and could add ANY new machine to your collection, which one would it be?

If I won the lottery I would have to build a bigger sewing room, as I have too many machines now. I couldn’t fit any more in here. And I don’t think my husband would let me, as he still doesn’t know about the “extra” machines I’ve brought in . . .

Carry Hers by Natalie


Thanks for a great review Natalie…..Like you, I really enjoy my Industrial Walking foot machine….which reminds me…..I have to do some reviewing myself! LOLLL

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  1. I do leather work mostly belts and heavier leather, recently purchased a reliable msk 1541, it is a great machine for the work I do, all my belts are 8/9 of leather lined with 3/3 this machine is great for this

  2. I got a new to me Reliable MSK 1541 just a few weeks ago, and am trying to figure it out. It sews thicker materials like leather, etc. very well. When I tried to sew a quilting cotton that had been interfaced with SF101, it sewed very tight stitches and they all bunched up. What size needle and thread would I use for sewing a cotton on this machine?

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