A lot of you already know I have been busy with another wallet pattern. Well today it’s time for a sneak peak AND, like usual, I find naming things the most difficult part…..so I will need your help with that! First, let’s have a look:

New Wallet PDF sewing pattern by ChrisW Designs


The Wallet features a zippered coin section, three slip pockets for notes or receipts, a phone pocket, an ID window and your choice of 12 card slots or 4 card slots and another zipper pocket!

Approx. size when closed: W 9cm X H 19cm X D 1.2cm. (W 3 ½” X H 7 ½” X D 1/2”)

LayoutTO ENTER: Simply leave your name (Or names!) suggestion in the comment section below! PLEASE also leave your name ….PLUS….and this is REALLY important…a method of contacting you should you win!….HINT: I am leaning towards a name other than a persons name and not one describing the fabric! 😉

The winner will win a copy of this wallet pattern PLUS their choice of another pattern from my pattern shop.

New Wallet with TWO options!

New Wallet Pattern by ChrisW Designs

Fabric – True Colors by Tula Pink for Free Spirit – “Mini Owl” in Bittersweet.

Interior of Option 2:


Lining is True Colors by Tula Pink for Free Spirit – “Lady Bug” in Nectarine

Competition closes Monday 23rd June 2015! ………….and I can’t WAIT to see what you come up with! 😉

Oh and if you haven’t signed up for my newsletter yet, now is the time to do it and get 20% off the pattern which will be released on, or close to, 1st July 2015! 🙂

Thanks everyone! 🙂


P.S. Unfortunately I am unable to reply to all the comments BUT rest assured I read and appreciate all your suggestions!

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  1. Does including our email in the comment form count as contact information or do you need it in the comment itself?

  2. how about “Wonder Wallet” …like Wonder Woman because it can multi task like no other 🙂 Great Wallet!

  3. Simplicity Wallet, On the Go Wallet, The Destiny Wallet,
    Hand it to Me Wallet
    I absolutely love this wallet & all the options 😊

  4. The “Gal Pal” wallet
    The “Girlfriend’s Essentials” wallet
    The “Sassy Classy” wallet

  5. I actually like the Wonder Wallet too! Love this wallet. It is a definite “must have” for me.

  6. The Slim Line Wallet….not too bulky, will fit in any bag. Looks Super Chris. Looking forward to its release!

  7. Like the standard features but love the prints!! For pink and orange wallet: Island Hopper. For the blue with the Gerber or Daisy: petals on blue

  8. I know you don’t want names but … “Slim Jim”
    And made with different material it could be a man’s wallet too so … “His an Hers Wallet”
    The Surprize Wallet
    The Action Wallet

  9. the “let’s go” wallet
    quite often my husband wants to go for a ride on the “bike” at the spur of the moment…so i am always scrambling to grab what i need from my purse quickly….
    in saying that…..i guess it could also be called “grab n’go” wallet or spur of the moment wallet!!

  10. “Scrapbook Wallet” because the little corners remind me of the old paper corners used to hold photos in our old family scrapbooks. You save all your special things in a scrapbook. Plus, as a sewer, you could use small lengths of fabric to make the wallet and the different sections could be made from a jumble of different fabrics. I’d love to dig in my scrap pile and show you the Scrapbook Wallet I could make! expressivedomain@gmail.com

  11. The MacKenzie Wallet, Kylie’s Dream, how about naming it after come old time glamorous Australian actress? I am not Australian so I don’t know the names. Or Asia Pacific.

  12. I don’t have a suggested name but I like the “with me” and the “grab and go” suggestions.

  13. Tardis Bi-fold Wallet
    Spondulix Wallet
    Tuppence Wallet (To match Penny Inn Wallet)
    Farthing Wallet
    Threepence Wallet
    Florin Wallet

  14. 1. the kickstarter wallet, 2. the three-six-five wallet, the zest wallet.
    Lovely patterns. Thanks.

  15. May I suggest the Willaroo Wallet. I love the alliteration and the is another name for the southern stone curlew. I live in Cairns and I’ve grown to love their eerie calls at night.

  16. “Snap n’ turn” or “turn n’ (and) snap” because of the 2 directions the card slots face ( I was all set to type snap and go then saw Amy’s comment!)

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