Well the last couple of months have been very busy for me! Have you been to my new website? Pretty neat, don’t you think?

ChrisW Designs new website!

My favourite new feature is that you will now be able to create a free account which will keep a record for you,  of all your pattern purchases made via the new site. That way anytime in the future, you will be able to login and retrieve your pattern files any time you need to! How COOL is that? Well, I think it is COOL! No more problems of lost patterns and expired links. Your files will be ready and waiting for you when you need them! 🙂

Having an account will also mean you can checkout much faster as you won’t need to input your info each time. PLUS another cool feature is that you will be able to chose your currency from a dropdown menu. This will give you a guide to the final price you will pay at checkout, which is in USD.

PLUS it is now MUCH easier to search for patterns. You can do so via Difficulty or via Type! That is going to come in mighty handy as I continue to add to and grow my pattern range!

Speaking rather loudly about my pattern range…I am very happy to announce that the Penny Inn, my contribution to this years bag of the Month Club, is now available for purchase in my shop! 


You can read all about the Penny Inn, and see testers pics HERE!

PLUS…..I have a second wallet to introduce to you! The Pick a Pocket wallet!



It’s the perfect wallet to grab on the go and either pop into your favorite bag or shove under your arm so you can make a quick getaway to the shops!

The PICK A POCKET WALLET features two different options. The first option allows you to sew an 8-card pocket on the left interior of the wallet, while the second option allows you to sew a second zipper pocket on the left.

For both versions, the Pick A Pocket Wallet features a zippered coin section and three slip pockets for notes and receipts, plus 4 card pockets, a vinyl ID pocket. It even has a slip phone pocket on the right side, under the tab so all your essentials are safe and secure!

Finished wallet size when closed = approx. 9cm (3 1/2″) W x 19cm (7 1/2″) H x 1.2cm (1/2″) D

Difficulty = Intermediate  Ratings INTERMEDIATE


Let’s take a look at some testers photos. First up we have Marilyn’s Pick A Pocket wallet:

Marylin's Pick A Pocket WalletVery smart, I think! You can see more of Marilyn’s awesome work on her blog HERE.

Next up is Norma of Norma’s Bag Boutique :

The exterior of Norma's Pick A Pocket wallet

I love it! Here’s the interior:

Norma's Pick A Pocket Wallet

Next up is Lorena’s wallet. What awesome fabric! Just perfect for a wallet!

Lorena's Pick A Pocket Wallet

See more of Lorena’s creations on her blog HERE!

Believe it or not, Liz of Moments has not used a speck of red in her wallet BUT gee….I really love this purple! It packs a punch!

Liz's Pick A Pocket Wallet

Next up are Ellen’s Pick A Pocket wallets. Ellen has made BOTH versions! Don’t they look gorgeous?

Ellen's Pick A Pocket Wallet

Next up we have another Pick A Pocket Wallet by Marilyn of Shades of Bold. Too cute!

Marilyn's Pick A Pocket Wallet

I love cats! …and I adore Pat’s cat fabric! AWESOME work Pat!

Pat's Pick A Pocket wallet

Deidre’s Pick A Pocket wallet in gorgeous blue hues:

Deidre's Pick A Pocket Wallet

Next up is Gwen’s Pick A Pocket Wallet….What a perfect fabric choice! LOVE it! But then I love all the wallets! hehehe….

Gwen's Pick A Pocket

Gwen has a Facebook page HERE.

Now this is cute….who could resist this! Simone has a  Blog where you can check out more of her work, The Equilateral Donkey! (I still think that is an interesting name!!)

Simone's Pick A Pocket WalletDo you see the awesome “handmade” tag? That along with loads of other wonderful original bag bling can be found at Emmaline Bags!

Next up is Brinkley’s awesome marine Pick A pocket Wallet. Brinkley has a Facebook page which you can check out HERE!

Brinkley's Pick A Pocket Wallet

Blue seems to be HOT at the moment! Although I thnik this is pretty COOL! Here is Camila’s Pick A Pocket Wallet! Gotta love this!

Camila's Pick A Pocket wallet

Oh and here we have another Pick A Pocket wallet by Marilyn of Shades of Bold!

Another Pick A Pocket Wallet by Marilyn of Shades of Bold!

Next up, Ellen has completed a couple more Pick A Pocket Wallets. I think she and Marilyn have earned “Expert”  status now!

Ellen's Pick A Pocket Wallets!

….and LAST but definitely not least is Rachel of Tiger in a Tornado.

Rachel's Pick A Pocket Wallet

WOW…..I must say, as usual ALL the testers have impressed me with their gorgeous creations! A great BIG thank you goes out to Rochelle for proof reading and each and every tester for their patience and dedication in helping me weed out any errors! Thank you Ladies!@ I couldn’t do it without YOU!

You can find BOTH wallets in my shop NOW! Oh and I would LOVE to know what you think of my new site! I would also love it if you left some product reviews too! Yet another COOL feature of my new site! 🙂


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  1. Woohoo Congratulations on all the new things coming to fruition that you have been working so hard on over the last 6 months. I am sure both the new wallets are going to be a smashing success and I love the new website and the Blog is looking awesome as well. HAPPY TIMES!!!!

  2. Thank you sooooo much Ellen! AND thank you for all your support the last few months! I really appreciate it! It’s been pretty tough going at times but you’ve always been around when I needed to have a whinge! LOL 😉

  3. I love these new patterns. Just finished my fourth Pick A Pocket Wallet with many more planned. The website looks fantastic with all of the pictures. What a great place to find inspiration!

  4. I just love the new website! With so many pictures is a great place for inspiration. The new features are awesome, like having an account. The Pick a Pocket Wallet is a great pattern that many will make more than once. Making wallets is addictive and your pattern will be a definitely success. Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

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