How is everyone enjoying sewing their Pick A Pocket Wallets? Having FUN I hope! Well today I have an awesome tutorial by Mel to share with you. It’s an alternative method of making your ID window to get a super neat finish! Let’s take a look….over to you Mel-



Hello everyone! My name is Mel (Melanie Euhus if you must!), and I’m thrilled to have been asked to be a guest blogger!! Thanks so much Christine!

I previously had a tutorial on how to make a neat ID Window, that can be attached to any bag or wallet. In this example I was working on Chris’ Pick-a-Pocket Wallet, so this is designed to go on top of card slots. You may also need to check the measurements on the pattern you are using, and adjust accordingly. Let’s go!


Get a piece of fusible applique paper, such as Vliesofix, or Heat n Bond Lite. You will see it has a dull (paper) side, and a shiny (adhesive) side.

Step 1


Cut this piece the same size as your ID Window Pattern piece.

  Step 2


Draw the lines, ¾” in from each side, onto the paper side of the applique paper.

Step 3


Cut out the centre rectangle from the the lines you drew (cutting off the ¾” edges). Position this rectangle centred on the wrong side of your fabric piece, ¾” in from the sides, adhesive side down. Fuse in place.

Draw an ‘X’ between the corners of the paper

Step 4


Use a seam ripper to get you started, then a small pair of scissors to cut along the lines, to the corners of the paper.

Step 5


Trim each of the centre points so that you have about ½” of paper edges left.

Step 6


Peel away the paper backing, revealing the adhesive.

Step 7

Fold your edges over, lining it straight along the sides and finger press. Then CAREFULLY take the tip of your iron to fuse in place, one side at a time.

Step 8


Flip over the right side, admire your handiwork, and continue with the pattern instructions to add your vinyl!

Step 9


AWESOME tutorial Mel! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Now why didn’t I think to do it that way in the first place? 

The good news is that Mel has another ID window tutorial to share with us….so watch for that coming soon!

To see more of Mel’s work, visit her on Facebook Buntings & Things, HERE!

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